Ijtihad and the Islamic State

Following is another conversation I picked up between two brothers.

He was also a greatly inward looking scholar, having explained many of the features of alame gaib. (pls read dakaekul akhbar). his IYHEA E ULUMUDDIN or the rennaissance of the knoledge of Deen is considered to be the milestone of islamic scholastics.

Imams Ghazzali, Abu Hanifa, Malik, Shafii and Hanbal (RH) do not really need any certification from us. They earned what they earned with their Rabb. We will be responsible for ourselves only. They will not know us on the day of Judgement and neither will we know them. We will not be allowed to blame them and neither will they claim that they wanted us to follow them if the path shown by them happened to be misguided. “La Yu kallifullahu Nafsan Illa usaha”.

i do not know, but i feel so great praising those vanguards of islam always – imam bukhari, muslim, tirmizi, abu daud, ibne maza, ibne hisham, al jassas, ibne aseer, ibne kaseer, imam gazzali, and so many. when i praise them, i feel that at least my words will bring me some blessings as Allah SWT is pleased with them.

now regarding imam gazzali, whatever i have read in his literature, i surmized him more focussed on DEEN and less on shariah. i have not read the history of his time. i have read what he has written- and what he has written are priceless jewels. i may be wrong but he has given me a huge perspective to understand AD DEEN.

JZK my dear brother. Please allow me to make my point now.

We have agreed that Ijtihaad is the way to resolve issues in new or changed circumstances.

It is possible to do Ijtihaad by qualified Mujtahid.

The Door of Ijtihiad should not be closed.

Clash between Mutazilites and Asharites lead to orders to close Ijtihaad

This lead to subsequent stagnation of Muslims in various fields.

By the 14th century Islamic State could not react to a changed Europe due to Scientific Revolution, Renaissance and Enlightenment.

Colonization of Muslim lands begin by 17th century leading up to the abolishment of the only valid Islamic ruling system for Muslims.

Islamic system replaced by non Islamic (jaahil) system where either people through representative system or Kings through hereditary process or dictators through coups become LAWMAKERS. This we agreed belongs only to ALLAH swt.

The nation state or republic and its people claim SOVEREIGNTY through legislative powers. This is contradictory to our kalimah where only ALLAH is the sole Sovereign.

The destruction of the highest political office in Islam started with “closing the doors of IJTIHAAD” because of the philosophical debates between two extreme viewpoints. Although such mystics or rationalist philosophies more than international politics appealed to mass people but they eventually brought SHIRK and KUFR acceptance upon Muslims without them realizing what they had done!!!!


there are few things we need to note. firstly the DEEN. AD DEEN. AD DEEN is fixed and made absolute from hazrat adam (AWS) to the last of the man on earth.
no one can make any change in the DEEN. AD DEEN is the absolute prerogative of Allah SWT.
Deen is established through the Messengers. Only one Messenger came with the Deen for all the Nations and that is Rasulallah salliallahu alaihi wa sallam. Simply stated, only the Deen of Islam RECEIVED through the last Prophet (SAW) is applicable as the Universal Deen and even if Musa AS lived in the time of Ar Rasool (SAW) he AS would have no option but to follow Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Do you agree?
Then comes Shariah. depending on the physical evolution of the human beings and the society, its complexity of interactions, Shariah has changed. Salat was not 5 times in previous Shariah. Saom was not also 30 days.

Hang on my dear brother. What do you mean by “physical evolution”? your assumptions  stem not from Holy Prophet (SAW) but from the Theory of Evolution. If so, then you are  wrong. Here is the reason – If salah and sawm were directly related to “physical evolution” as you suggested then the number of salah and days of sawm would change every now and then, based on changed circumstances. Still worse it could vary from one place to another based on that same logic. We know that it is not the case and therefore suggesting a scientific rationale behind the salah and sawm, amongst other hukms, is clearly not from Islam.
Shariah has changed through risalat. for us, the aqida of the ahlul sunnah wal jama’ is that the door of qias and izma will remain open forever. the decisions on which izma has been established will be considered as part of shariah. that is how we are free to decide if use test-tube technology will be acceptabel to shariah or not, but this decision can not be subjective. the subtle point is establishing izma. we are unable to make use of these two instruments (qias and izma) today due to many reasons and that is beyond my discussion here.

Does the ahlus sunnah wa jamaat have a different aqeedah than Prophet Muhammad (SAW)? If not, then any one who holds the aqeeda of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) holds the aqeeda of Islam. Nobody has a monopoly on aqeeda. Going back to the spirit of your question, you are saying that the door of “IJTIHAAD” (as I understood from you) will remain open forever, right?
the 4 imams have done splendid jobs. the ummah is indebted to their extra-ordinary academicia and formulations. none is lesser than the other, although i follow the mazhab of imame azam hazrat abu hanifah (RA)

Most people here will also agree with you about the contributions of the 4 great Imams (RahimAllahuhum). My question went a bit deeper than that. Were the 4 great Imams lawmakers? We now know that Islam does not have any lawmakers. Then they were Fuqaha, Jurisprudents, i.e. they could deduce the science behind the law and its “derivative” as another brother mentioned, effectively making themselves scientists of law. They were independent MUJTAHID. So, is it possible to have independent mujtahid now in our present time? since that science of Ijtihaad can be learned, just as the 4 great Imams have already proved?

finally hazrat imam gazzali (RA)…. he has done great job in Ahea E Deen. his focus was not shariah, he fought to rid the conceptual garbage strewn on the structure of AD DEEN through the over zealous themes adopted by devious academics.

May be. But his biography says that he was an “expert” in Shafii madhab and was a qadi and the Chief of the Nizamiyyah school of Shariah and Fiqh. Nizamiyyah was of course the most famous school of Fiqh, hadeeth and siyasat established by Nizam ul Mulk during the reign of Abbasid Caliphs. He became an ascetic for about 25 years before returning to Nizamiyyah. He taught in Damascus at the Grand Mosque of the Umayyads and also in the Holy cities. He obviously was a master of philosophy, logic, theology, mysticism and many other subject areas. But he also had critics. His critics were the rationalists, especially Ibn Rushd, whose works were banned at that time. Could it be possible that the Asharite Sufi philosophy, which was expounded by Imam Ghazzali (RH) was the precursor to “closing the doors of Ijtihaad”? The reason is that the rationalists, Mutazilites, and the Ahsarites (Imam Ghazzali’s Sufi theologian followers) clashed with their dogmas, which greatly confused the Ummah by taking them to two extreme points, so that finally the rulers had to shut the door of Ijtihaad.

he was also a greatly inward looking scholar, having explained many of the features of alame gaib. (pls read dakaekul akhbar). his IYHEA E ULUMUDDIN or the rennaissance of the knoledge of Deen is considered to be the milestone of islamic scholastics.

Imams Ghazzali, Abu Hanifa, Malik, Shafii and Hanbal (RH) do not really need any certification from us. They earned what they earned with their Rabb. We will be responsible for ourselves only. They will not know us on the day of Judgement and neither will we know them. We will not be allowed to blame them and neither will they claim that they wanted us to follow them if the path shown by them happened to be misguided. “La Yu kallifullahu Nafsan Illa usaha”.


Alhamdulillah!! It is the Rahmah
of Allah swt that Believers will differ on issues so that
“even if a Believer steals, his brother can help
him”. Not by helping him steal but by helping him
correct himself. What pleasure can a Believer get by knowing
that his fellow brother is committing wrong or even worse
taking steps towards bidah, shirk etc. There is no benefit
in this. Furthermore if Believers can not check their
understanding with other Believers then should they
go to the Kaafirs to check their Aqeeda?!?!?
Some comments on Golam Kibria vi’s fleeting
just a fleeting remark:

the 4 imams have not made any basic law of shariah.
So, in Islam we do not have lawmakers.

Then who are the 4 great Imams
and how do they compare with the lawmakers in Islam today?
They were Faqih (jurisprudents) as per history. What does
that mean … they could understand Muslims’ problems
pertaining to new or changed circumstances, of their time,
in order to link them back to the original twin sources of
law in Holy Shariah. Therefore, the divine law is a fixed
value system whereas the Fuqaha can use their Usool al Fiqh
(science of jurisprudence) to deduce hukm for changed
Can we call Imam Ghazzali, OR AQ
Gilani (RH) Fuqaha? Besides I wonder why they did’nt
have their own school of thought just like the Imams before
them. Maybe because Islam is a practical deen providing
practical solutions for mankind, not just a set of thoughts
and rituals.
they have made recommendations for individual
scenarios, taking 4 sources as the postulates, quran,
sunnah, kias and izma.
Therefore, in modern times, if a
faqih could diagnose a problem correctly then he too
can make recommendations attempting to be as close as
possible to the letter and spirit of the 1st generation. So,
the system of jurisprudence in Islam is not a “7th
century, barbaric, fundamentalist” legal system at all.
As a matter of fact, from your statement it is the only
jurisprudence available in the world today that has a fixed
value system as well as a “science” or Usool to
link the current circumstances with the permanent values.
for example, qisas is a divine decree and imams have
only formalized their modalities to materialize such
punishment, in shariah, the origin of which is in quran.
the description of salah is there in quran, but it does not
say how many rakat in each wakt. hadis comes into play and
the imams organize the information into actionable decision
through their mazhabs…
In this regard, I have a genuine need
for understanding. What is the role of Imam Ghazzali (RH) in
Fiqh or any other branch. What was his contribution
towards furthering the cause of Islam, if at all that
was his objective.
i would say, the tip of the iceberg can be revamped,
era to era, in order to suit time, but the mammoth chunk of
knowledge upon which this tip is floating will remain
unchaged till the last day of this planet, and they reamain
the 4 basic sources as described above.
I agree. But what is wrong
with our societies today then? Why are we stuck in the 15th
century colonial era…. somehow we were able to reduce the
most dynamic jurisprudence in all of history into an
academic exercise for learning, memorizing and qirat
We have no dearth of hujurs who
want to come on talk shows to race with each other
for fatwa production!! The 4 great Imams were notorious
(all of them) for filling up pages of students’ books
with “I dont Know” statements. And here we
are…how to come out of this, any suggestions, any
wa salaam,

The Islamic State debate

Following is a debate on Khilafah and Islamic dawah that I picked up between two professionals discussing the practicality and the methodology of doing Dawah in Islam. Hope the conversation will give some food for thought.

Person M:  I think the situation in the land we are living in is more or less like Macca, not like Medina. Here I assume that we are accepting the curse of nationalism which gave us a gift of a state we are living in. I don’t know whether we can assume Dhaka area as Macca and Chittagong area or some other area as Madina so that we can reconcile our situation with the situation of the Prophet (pbuh). Again you see I cannot assume so because there was not one single baatil regime ruling over Macca and Madina like our Dhk and Ctg are ruled by one ruling authority. So I have to assume that the whole land of BD state is like Macca where so-called democracy+secularism is ruling. In Macca pagan politheism was the ruling authority which can be compared with the present ruling system in BD. beside having the curse of democracy+secularism, we have shirk of vondo peers & their followers in disguise of Islam, TJ’s sufism, Qabar & Mazar pujaris’ shirk… 

So, let me know where and how do you find a place here in BD like Madina to migrate (or without being migrated) and to be welcomed by some hundreds of Ansars and Muhajers? You are here in any place of BD, at the same time, welcomed and not welcomed as soon as you speak up on behalf of the Prophet’s (pbuh) authentic sunnah ways. As long as you do not have a combination of land & people like Madina, how do you want to establish Khilafa right now? Please solve the riddle for me.

Person A: Brother, there is no compulsion in religion (La IKRAHA FID DEEN). But, after submitting to Islam, there is NO COMPROMISE WITH DENIERS (FALA TUTEIL MUKADHIBIN). Do I have a covenant or a dalil from Allah that I can abet HIS swt laws or that I can cherry pick between HIS swt Laws and other laws not from HIM? Can someone “choose” between Truth and Falsehood once they have surrendered to the Truth? To submit and establish the rule of Truth is not and can not be contingent upon circumstances of pragmatism. Time and place are irrelevant when calling for truth, justice and faith. Muslim’s position and strength is not in numbers of people, finances or arms but in his courage to speak the truth against all odds. Lets try solve your riddle now ia. Most people consider Dawah of Islam as a pass time to earn khair and stake a claim to the honorable place of the noble sahabas. Do they think that dawah is that easy? Are they looking for a “short cut” to quickly reform and “Islamize” certain codes and call themselves Islamic and thereby earn kudos from the Muslims and the Dhalimoon simultaneously. Do they think they can call to Islam like the sahabas did, without disturbing the existing socio-political status quo which will invite the wrath of the security apparatus? Many daees will quickly turn away from the “hard” dawah that draws politics into religion or talks of foreign conflicts in distant lands in the name of an abstract Ummah and create more problems for peaceful missionary activities. So, in the face of such adversities, what do we do? GIVE UP? Can we break our covenant with Allah swt that we will never submit to any other authority except HIM swt? If the current locality is full of bidahs and shirk should we simply fold our hands and say “sorry brother this place is infested with corrupt thoughts about Islam so we can not do the Dawah to establish Islam here. Lets go elsewhere or let soneone else in another place work for establishing the Deen there“. Surely that is not the way. Where the Deen will be established is not for us to decide, that is the domain of the Creator. The conditions of people will not change until they change what is within themselves and for that reason Muslims are dutibound to make the call for Islam to be established as the way of life. What stops us from doing that bit only?
Person M:  I assume that in BD somehow you have found a place and situation like Madina. I have to assume so, because you are all out to make the state right now. Prophet (pbuh) had not even formed the state like laws and systems right after Hijrah (let alone in Macca). He went through many situations in Madina for some years until he finally made the Madina constitution. Let me know how did you reconcile that situation with your present idea and effort?

Person A: No I did not find any Medina-like-situation anywhere in the world and whoever said that the Islamic State will be formed “right now”? Nobody can assuredly say that, as only ALLAH swt knows that reality. It will not come by simply wishful dreaming brother. This is not a jojova’s witness type of missionary affair….. A bit of correction in history, if you please. The Charter of Medina was one of the very first things that the Holy Prophet (saw) did after establishing the Islamic State of Medina. Some say immediately after Hijrah. Ibn Ishaq’s Seerah Rasul Allah says between the time of Hijrat and Badr it was complete.

But I understand the spirit of your question. This is not from you but this is the conditioning of the orientalists who say, “what do you know about Islam and state craft in Islam? Did you do your homework? Have you studied the scriptures by the faqis, historians and Islamic thinkers? You should know the hukm on social, political, international law and other branches as a prerequisite to talk of universal Islamic system. Please do your research and become more knowledgeable before talking about these BIG things”. That is the trap they have laid for the revivers of the Deen. None of that detail is necessary at the moment. These are exactly what they are – branches of the tree, NOT the tree itself. The tree will be strong, with sweet fruits, when the roots are well grounded. The root is the oath of loyalty through the shahadah of Tawheed. If the root is under attack then why are we being forced to worry about the branches and the leaves? We can fix the root and expect a strong tree, not the other way round.

Person M:  Now I assume that you could convince me in both the above two querries and I assume that right now you are living in a place of some thousnads or millions of people like the Ansars+Muhajers. In that favourable situation in Madina, Prophet (pbuh) established his own court beside Kaab Ibn Ashraf’s court i.e. the Jewish court. And the Prophet (pbuh) made seperate treaties with seperate tribes & groups in Madina so that no group could bother in his affairs related to Muslims only. Is it not right that Muslims were the minority in Madina with respect to each individual groups? May be Muslims were minority in Madina with respect to sum of all other groups but not all other groups were ready to unitedly attack Muslims.

Let me know what is your idea of getting things done here in BD today if you want to reconcile with the situation of the holly Prophet (pbuh)?

Person A: Brother, please imagine for a moment that I am a homeless person. What I want first is a house. You are telling me to think about my future neighbours and their issues when I dont even have a house! The cold winter chill will destroy me and those around me if I cant find shelter and my house will remain in the grey clouds. My neighbours did not thnk about me when they built their houses …
Prophet (pbuh) did not kick out Kaab’s court at the very first place. And I don’t think that if Kaab were not hostile to the Muslims and if would not attempt to damage the harmony among the Muslims in Madina, Prophet (pbuh) would not bother Kaab at all because Kaab’s court was loosing its effectivity from the beggining because of trustworthiness of the Muslims’ court led by Prophet (pbuh). Even Kaab’s fellow Jews started going to the Muslims’ court for justice.

Person A: Let me know what should be your approach now? Our approach can not be other than the Islamic way. WE ARE THE CIVILIZATION for the world. We believe in the rule of law not the “with me or against me” doctrine. We have codes of conduct in war and peace and we have had international law long before other people knew what it was. The justice system of Islam is the crowning jewel of its history. So, we have a very well defined jurisdical system to deal with legalities. I will spare the details. BUT, know this, we dont take law unto our own hands because that is not the way….

Person M: You need to establish your court first or you will ask me to kick the court of present ruler of BD and establish Khilafa? I assume somehow we Muslims have a seperate ruling system under your leadership beside the present ruling system of BD govt or you somehow kicked out BD govt’s ruling.

Person A: You misunderstood the method of Dawah to Islam. The oath of loyalty to Allah swt is with immediate effect upon submission to it. Even if we lived in the ocean we would be oathbound to that submission, like the Prophet Yunus AS. Even if we lived in Egypt under Firaun we would have no other choice but to tell Firaun to get lost. Why? Because that is the demand for submission to the Lord of the Universe. If we connect with HIM swt then who is Firaun or Qaroon or Abu Jahl?

Person M: Now can you force those bhondo peers to leave their practice as long as it does not do anything inhumane or interfere with the Muslim community under your leadership? Also can you force the Qabar Pujaris to quit their puja? I think you cannot do that if you want to reconcile your way with the way of the Prophet (pbuh).   
Like I said earlier, we believe in the rule of law. Under an Islamic state there will be shariah courts to deal with murtadeen. What’s the problem with that? Only problem is that we dont have shariah courts because there is no Islamic State which can handle that issue…solution: once you have an Islamic State you will have shariah courts and proper qadis who will deal with that situation, just like a civilized, accomplished and sophisticated society deals with situations, as Abu Bakr (RA) did. But please do not propagate anything violent against anyone until then.

If I suggest you to build your (better to say, our because I want to be with you) own institutions first like Shariah court for Muslims (for civil laws), banks, schools… and at the same time we continue giving dawa of Tawheed to all people so that one day all our institutions and stronghold of true Muslims will automatically start rulling the land based on Qur’an and Sunnah because even if majority people do not come to join with you but they will need to put trust on your system (like the jews even put trust on the Muslims’ court in Madina although there was Kaab’s court).

Person A: Brother, is that strategy from the seerah of the Makkan period? You had agreed that the case was more like Makkah not Medinah so why did you cross floors? Besides, more importantly, from whom should I take my Dawah strategy? From Khomeini, Mahatir, Ziaul Huq, Zakir Naik or AR Green? You or Me? I dont think so. I think I will put my trust in the best of Creation Khuluqin Adheem, Rahmat Al Alamin the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). He (saw) gave us a different method, the only thing is that it is a difficult path, not for the faint hearted…and many people are dperived of its facts and the nature of its methods.

Person M: Untill then on what ground you demand Khilafa right now? (and to whom you are deamanding?).

Person A: Brother, I did not demand anything from you!! Rather, “You” demanded it, because you took the oath of loyalty and you made a pact with ALLAH swt. You are a free man through your shahadah. Do as you wish bro…..

Person M: You said “Prior to Hijrat to Madina the sahabas (RA) simply struggled to get a STATE where all the Islamic concepts could be fully materialsed”

Is it true? Did they even know about the definition of STATE before Madina Sanad? All they did is they procalimed the Shahada in Macca and they were concern about saving their lives there for 13 years. Yes they did struggle for the STATE because their shahdah rejected the sovereign authority of the then existing system of council of elders of Quraysh, i.e. it was political at the highest level from day 1 and that is why the political leadership and not the religious establsihment went up in arms against the Muslims. Our historians prefer not to mention this because otherwise their books will not be published and they will not be famous or renowned scholars. About saving their own lives….you are being unjust to yourself. They dared to defy the pagan tribal authorities through a non violent political movement aimed at nothing less than removing the very leaders of Arabia and the Custodians of the Holiest Shrine in the world. Their courage is unparalled in history. We ought to be careful about the sahabas (RAA).

They did not even ask their people to accept Islam but few people willingly (and due to some situations) accepted Islam.

Person B: Brother, these people went as far as Abyssinia and told the court of Negus what they knew about Islam and even recited suarh Maryam from the Holy Book!!! Sumayya was brutally killed and became the first shaheed because she reverted to Islam through her son!!! Abu Bakr (RA) did not wait to tell his friends. Umar (RA)’s sister gave dawah to the most feared man in Makkah, Umar (RA) himself after she was struck by him!!! where did you get your facts about passive dawah by the sahabis (RAA)??

Person M: Only the Prophet (PBUH) was different than his fellow few Muslims. He was openly calling people to leave their Shirk. Who can prove me that the Prophet (PBUH) and his few companions in Macca ever asked any leader of Macca to quit his system of ruling?

Person A:  My brother, we have a lot to catch up with. Remember the dawah by the Prophet (saw) to the Quraysh elders at his house with Ali (RA) by his side? Remember the meeting at the foot of the Safa hill? Remember the procession by Hamzah and Umar (RAA)? Remember the slap on Abu Jahal’s (Quraysh chief) face by Hamzah for insulting the Prophet (saw)? Remeber when the Prophet (saw) was reprimanded by Allah swt for ignoring the blind man when he was talking to the leaders of the Quraysh? Remember the meeting between the Prophet (saw) and Al Walid – the head of Bani Makhzum? Lets stop for a break…. bro is it not wise to take things in their proper context? What do you call a meeting of the Security Council or NATO generals? Is it a religious meeting of christians working on pogrom or is it a political strategy meeting deciding on important issues?

Person M: Maccan leaders were only asked to leave idol worshipping and to proclaim Shahada. Even though leaving idol worhipping/ Shirk could have been the reason for loosing the Maccan leaders’ power of oppression but no one can prove that the Prophet (PBUH), at the very first place, asked the Maccan leaders to quit their leadership.

Person A: Brother did you miss the point in the shahadah where they would have to submit to another Lord, ALLAH swt, and give up their lordship over the land and the people? They will have to surrender to ALLAH and to the command of HIS Rasool (saw). That is the most politically charged statement one can expect while being in power. From King to salve, metaphorically. Who would want to do that? Obviously the chiefs stood to loose the most from this radical change and that is why they became paranoid to save their position of power and prestige.

Person M: All Prophets started with giving one dawa and that was Tawheed. May be establishing state was a part of establishing Tawheed on the land but they did not ask anyone to establish a state at the very first place. 

Person A: Nope. Almost all of them asked the leader of their time to step aside and hand over Lordship to ALLAH swt. Almost all the Prophets AS faced off their political leaders in their respective societies. Remeber Musa AS, Isa son of Mariam AS, Ibraheem AS, Daud AS, Yusuf AS. But ofcourse our example is none other than the Holy Prophet Muhammad sallillahu alaihi wa sallam.

Person M: Now let me tell something reagrding the priority job to be. Why do I think that our priority 1 job should be targetting the Peerbadi-Sufibadi-Mazarbadi-qabarbadi? Because if the enemy of the Tawheedi belivers is none but the prevailing Secularism and Democracy (i.e. Kuffar) and if all these Mazarbadi/Peerbadi/Qabar-pujabadi… are the main patron of this kuffar, then who should be challenged first? Bangabandhu Mazar, Zia Mazar and assemblies of most of the so-called Muslim politicians and bussinesmen in these two Mazars as well as in Shah-Jalal, Shah Poran Mazars (election campaign starts from there) and in many other Khankas is the vivid proof of my reasoning. 

Person A: What about the so called educated class coming from UK with law degrees of the Baatil to come and implement those on the poor unassuming masses. What about the ultra orthodox puritans who will call Asian muslims “mawla” and “miskins” and deny right of citizenship and civil law to them but they will roll out the red carpet for murderers and thieves!!! Who will judge which is worse and how to go about resolving them.

Person M: What did Rasulullah (PBUH) do first in Macca? He first made all the polytheists understand that their idol worshipping can no more exist in Macca and on earth even. Only this threat against idol worshipping needed to work 13 long years. This threat to social Shirk resulted in a political threat also. Don’t tell me that Rasulullah (PBUH) at the very first place challenged the leadership or political power of Macca.

Person A: I am telling you that from the start the Holy Prophet SAW targeted the top echelon of the Makkan political leadership because politics is the highest social grouping in any community which must surrender to ALLAH swt as the Lord of the Worlds and without this surrender Islam can not be established in the land as the Divine way from ALLAH swt.

What was the strength ratio of polytheists and monotheists in Madina? And what is that ratio in BD? Before acheiving that faith ratio of Madina why do people dream of starting making everything in BD like Madina by giving justification that Prophet (PBUH) did that. Why don’t they consider the situation and time required for the Prophet (PBUH) to do so?

Person A:  ALLAH gives to whom HE wills “be ghaire hisaab”. We only do our job and leave the sustainer with HIS, ia. 

I hope you are not going to call me enemy of Islam and paid survant for my this query because sometimes (perhaps all the time) self criticism is very much require to strengthen your idea and effort.  

But I am not against the possibility that may be Khilafa will be established under a strong leadership somewhere outside BD before you can oust the prevailing political power of BD and that Khilafa will take over the whole world including BD. If that possibility is stronger than your possbility of getting Khilafa seperately here in BD, then what should be your strategy now—work to establish Khilafa here or work to make the environment here for the global Khilafa to take it over easily?

Person A:  Lets try to realise that our shahadah demands something from us before we can judge our situation in one way or another. Inshallah, I hope you will not stop thinking about this all important matter and hopefully you will get free time to reply very soon, ia.

 JazakAllah Khair for your patience.