Placing Truth over Tolerance

‘Why does God need to repeat this same theme over and over again? It would have been sufficient to say it only once…”. My friend asked but instead of battering him I tried to give a blazing response. I was a bit late. My friend fired back, “I think that’s because the Holy Quran was not revealed in one night but over 23 years, which means that Allah swt provided practical solutions for life’s various problems, through HIS Messenger swm. It is unlike any traditional religion which pushes people towards blind faith. Probably Allah swt wants us to ‘think’, ‘understand’ and be ‘convinced’ about Him (swt), His Messenger (swm), His Book, His Angels, Day of Judgement and Destinity’. I was shocked, because, this frined is a non muslim. According to him, currently there remains no more any difference between his priests and our hujurs. Both of them adopted a ‘religious’ life distinctly different from our ‘practical’ life. Through this ‘religious’ group corrupt people managed to remove Islamic concepts from life and society so that Islam begins to look like other religions which cater to spiritual needs for worship, marriage, food and other ceremonies. If Islam is reduced down to its spiritual aspects only, like other religions, it becomes a matter of preference based on peoples’ desires, traditions, cultural heritage etc. Such spiritual religions could create social harmony through tolerance, morality, love and respect for all kinds of people, eliinating bloody conflicts based on assumptions about God, who definitely did not create us for killing in His name. But hang on….God, Allah swt, does not ‘need’ to care for our wishful desires. Allah swt is Independent of our needs. ‘HE’ swt created the Universe as per His design and He swt commands His slaves to stand firm with the Truth, under any condition whatsoever. Allh swt has no need to please us, but we are doomed if we stray from His path. Tolerance is only for that which is True, Just and Rationale. Truth can not be sacrificed for the sake of creating an unjust but presumably tolerant society. My friend wants to know why Muslims stopped spreading the message of God as revealed by Him swt, since only Muslims are known as the ‘middle nation’ who placed the Justice of God above all else in their lives…


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