Islam is not just do’s and dont’s

In a discussion group an email read, “brotherz, what does Islam say about chatting with girls in facebook or twitter. Waiting for your reply”.
How would I know anything about ruling on facebook and twitter. Wait a minute, is it just about fb or is there something else deeper in that thought pattern. This is what I had to say:

Salam brother, this is not a direct answer to your question.
Many muslims today think that Islamic Dawah groups exist to provide maslaha for a modern life. TV talk shows and popular public speakers further added acceptability to this concept in a way that makes Islam look more like a set of ‘do’s and dont’s administered by ‘religious’ looking people.

So, what’s wrong with that, right?

Well, firstly, Islam is not a code of do’s and dont’s, filled with such and such punishments for every walk of life. This ‘punishment heavy’ image of Islam is portrayed by anti islamic media propaganda machines. They pick stories of horror from around the muslim world (as if horrors are exclusive to muslims only) to prove how backward and barbaric is Islamic law, pushing general muslims to fear and villify their own Holy Shariah, in preference for anti Islamic ways.

Secondly, by turning our Deen into a book of do’s and dont’s, we alienate Islam from normal life. So we see that Islam exists in masjids but not at homes. We are very careful to take note of rules for wudu, salah, sawm, zakah and hajj, but we become reluctant about other aspects of life in Islam.

Thirdly, when Islamic life limits itself to Ibadah, other non Islamic concepts will fill the gap regarding social, economic and political aspects.

It is Allah swt who created ‘love’ and gave His slaves emotions and feelings. He swt created men and women for each other. The Holy Prophet swm said that the best amongst you is the one who is best with his wife, and he (swm) was the best amongst them all with his (swm) wives.

If you’ve found someone you love, alhamdulillah, get married! … 🙂


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