Dawah to Improve Sub-Con Muslims’ Mentality

He couldn’t have made me more furious. My direct report was sitting with a big bottle of whiskey on his table at 10 am. At first I thought it must be perfectly legal (and spiritually fashionable) to break that bottle on his head.

Hey, this is the sub continent after all. Here Muslims in general will not touch alcohol but sure enough they use these bottles to store water at home and office. I guess based on that analogy, people here might store food in pork bags! Its ridiculous, to say the least. I can see the grin in an alcoholic’s face, he is probably thinking, “here you go, this is my wine bottle which you call haram and for which you called me kafir, now go and store your water in it after I get drunk!!”

What is the matter with muslims here. Why do they automatically accept a psychologically lower social class order, I dont know. May be its because of the past 200 years legacy of British-Raj that dwarfed the free spirit of muslims in the sub-con.

A slave mentality is fed to us from both internal and external factors. In the sub-con there is a special class of people called ‘maulanas’ or ‘hujurs’. They are just like the priests in other religions. They look and talk differently from common muslims. They wear long robes, white caps, do miswak and avoid learning any western language. Science, Commerce, Economics or Political Science is not a part of their curriculum. In fact, they study only Islamic Law. It sounds funny, but maybe madrassahs were initially law schools that were turned into ‘cramming schools’ following colonial invasions.

In any case, these ‘maulanas’ eventually become Imams or Leaders of congregationary prayers at masjids. The spirit of going to Islamic schools was never to become a ‘maulana’ but to become a leader in society. But today, students go to madrasahs to become maulans, putting leadership in hands of secular people. Its quite obvious what will happen to any society in such setup. “Maulanas’ will be left standing (or crying) at the pulpits while secularists manage to occupy seats of power. People with Islamic knowledge having talents for leadership are deprived of any socio-political-religious leadership because they dont carry a ‘maulana’s’ credibility as a scholar! Who made this condition? Obviously our ‘maulanas’, in order to protect their only authority. Where is the Islamic method in any of this? No where, is the sad answer!

From Islamic history, we see our Imams were great sahabis like Abu Bakr (ra), Umar (ra), Uthman (ra) and Ali (ra). Leadership under Khilafa Rashideen was based on ability to lead the Muslim Ummah (and the disbelievers) in good and bad times. Leaders in Islam were not “crammers” of texts. They were the vanguards of Justice. To our present day ‘maulanas’ one should say this, “learn Islam from Syedena Rasul Allah sallillahu alaihi wa sallam and speak frankly about Islamic principles to the people so that ibadah (submission and worship) is only for ALLAH swt.”


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