From Oppressed Minority to World Leaders

Al-Tawbah, 9:20 Those who believe, and suffer exile and strive with might and main, in Allah’s cause, with their goods and their persons, have the highest rank in the sight of Allah: they are the people who will achieve (salvation). On their way to Makkah, Prophet Muhammad swm’s companions (ra) might have been thinking that only a few years ago they were just a handful, facing brutal oppression, ban, humiliation and torture by the chiefs of Makkah. They moved on from that state into a strong community of thousands. They crushed the Jews of Medina and Khaibar. They fought and defended their beloved city of Medina, and now they were about to take the holy city of Makkah itself as victors. Something significant must have happened to them which changed the course of history forever. Simple trending of their situation in Makkah would indicate that this group could have easily collapsed under the weight of tyranny. But they erupted like a volcano after a significant change over. They not only conquered Makkah, but within a span of 100 years they ruled over then known world, as one of the greatest super powers of all time! What happened? What was that “significant change” that elevated them from a band of outlaws to one of the world’s most powerful rulers. In Makkah Muhajireen were few in number, unarmed and stateless. Ammar radiAllahuanhu witnessed 4 horses tear away arms and legs of the first shaheed of Islam, his mother, Sumayya radiAllahuanha. They were in the Abu Ghuraib of 7th century Arabia. Was it because they said that God is One? Jews and Christians of Arabia professed faith in One God without being harmed. There is a difference between that generation and our generation, in understanding Tawheed. What would happen if the noble companions (ra) were alive today, how would they give dawah to Islam, would they be satisfied with dhikr and recitations alone? History tells us that they would not give up their dawah of Tawheed until their necks were removed from their bodies. All world religions Judaism, Christianity, Budhism or Hinduism are strictly “religions”. They deal with theology, spirituality, worship, meditation and other metaphysical stuff. They are not a complete code of life. They don’t give judiciary, military, financial, inheritance and other laws to govern man and society. There was no clash between Quraysh chiefs and other religions which did not pose any threat to power. What political risk did Sumayya (ra) give to Abu Jahil? Another martyr, Asiya, wife of Firaun believed in Allah swt as the Lord of the Universe. But Firaun claimed Lordship, who could order death or clemency to anyone he wished, being the Emperor of Egypt. Firaun ordered the death of Asiya, to be killed by a rock from high ground. Asiya (ra) stared at the heavens as they prepared to throw the rock. Jibreel (as) came and told her to ask for anything from Allah swt. Just before her martyrdom, she asked for a house next to Allah swt in the Heavens, and for freedom from Firaun and Evil people. What a beautiful house that will be, insha Allah. Sumayya and Asiyah (ra), did not stand with sword in hand or at the head of a large army. They protested against their rulers saying that there is only One Lord of the Universe, Allah swt, and to HIM alone we must surrender our will. The threat from Symayya was “La ilaha ill Allah, Muhammadan Rasul Allah”, which means Allah swt is the owner of everything as the True Sovereign of the Universe and He (swt) sent Muhammd (swm) as His Messenger for all mankind. So, Abu Jahil was told to surrender to this doctrine, which he did not accept, like Firaun before him. The message of La Ilaha was a radical message that threatened the power of Abu Jahil and rest of Quraysh clan. Muslims understood that they had submitted to Allah swt, whose Word is Highest and Supreme, and therefore no other man made system could ever be considered as an equal to Allah swt’s power and dominion. Allah swt has no partner. Hukm is only for Him swt. Holy Prophet swm taught the noble companions (ra) the true message of Tawheed, and he (swm) in turn learned from angel Jibreel (as). He swm taught his followers (ra) that once they came into Islam they had surrendered themselves to Allah swt and hence they (ra) could never give their loyalty to any other person, clan or alliance. For 13 years, believers went to their friends, families and distant rulers to give the message of Lordship of Allah swt and the Messengership of Muhmmad (swm). They remained steadfast, and with every persecution they became further determined that victory was near. God’s Words came to lead all of mankind from the depths of darkness into the glory of Light. This is possible, only when God’s Words are held supreme in the Land. In the 13th year, Muslims secretly migrated to Medina. They did not go to Medina as beneficiaries, but effectively as rulers. Never did Arabs see immigration where tribal connections were cast aside in preference for a different identity, i.e. an ideological identity. This was the birth of the world’s first Islamic State headquartered in pristine Medina. Muslim community was born as the balanced nation that would deliver God’s message of Truth and Justice to rest of humanity. World’s first ever written constitution was drafted. Allah swt and His Messenger swm were the focal points for everything in the Islamic State of Medina. Muslims saw Hijrat as the beginning of their civilization, initiating their own calendar starting from hijri date. Hijrat to Medina was that “special change” which raised an oppressed minority from persecution to take center stage in world affairs.


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