Ignorant Mullahs ate our Brains

We are mislead by the so-called mullahs and hujurs (like priests of any other religion). See how they turned our Government House (also called a masjid) into a ritualistic temple, similar to mandirs, churches and synagogues. In 1st Hijri, Islamic State of Medina, all matters of state and social welfare were discussed in masjid an Nabawi, especially those of strategic importance (war and peace). Today, only the most irrelevant things get attention, like ghusl, length of beards, fat cows (yes, I heard khutbas on fat cows!!!). How tragic, especially when we know we have the Holy Quran we still turn to these morons for ‘religious’ advice.

Living next to a river of sweet water, there’s no reason for us to go thirsty, without being utterly stupid. We have the HOLY QURAN, it’s language is majestic and yet easy to understand. Must remember, Al-Quran was revealed to the unlettered Bedouins who became the ‘raw material of Islam‘; and here we are with degrees from top universities saying it’s beyond our intellect to try and understand it. Did I get that right? 

There are only 2000 net words in the Quran. In writing, its not the words but the ‘ideas and meanings’ that really matter. Any elementary writer will tell us that, so why are we making an exception for the most important Book in our life?
We have been strictly commanded by the Prophet swm to look into his life, his ways and his methods for implementing the commands of Allah swt. Ayesha ra said that his (swm) life was the Quran. He swm told his followers not to write down anything of his sayings. Abu Bakr ra burned all the written ahadith which was with Ayesha ra. Umar ra categorically instructed jurists and scholars to concentrate on the Quran and to stop commentaries on ahadith. Ayesha ra said (to the effect) that these commentators turned us (women) into donkeys and dogs with their excessive commentaries, referring to the hadith about ‘namaz’ and “women, donkeys and dogs” passing in front (Bukhari). He (swm) used to pray while his wife slept in front of him(swm). (Bukhari).

 Masjids today dont talk about his (s) life. Why not? Its probably because they dont want to expose themselves. Or, they have been instructed not to do so, by somebody. Not trying to sound sinister, it is my pragmatic view of our current situation. 

 Only those ahadith can be accepted which reconcile with the divine revelation AND appeal to common sense. Prophet (S) chose milk at masjid al Aqsa and Jibreel (AS) said that it meant he chose fitrah (human nature) for his ummah. He swm removed the shackles of religion from our necks. But mullahs try to do just the opposite, wonder why….

 When we call their bluff a new world opens up before us. A world of maruf vs munkar, good vs evil, truth vs lies. Enemies of Islam were always active since the first revelation so it should not be a surprise today. Hypocrites of Medina did not vanish into thin air after the passing away of the Noble Prophet (s). They raised their heads through Nizam al Mulk, Barmakalids, hadith fabricators, Marwanids, Rafidis, Fatimids, Qadianis, Baathists, Wahhabis, Salafists, Peers, Sufis and the list goes on and on. They invented lies about the 4 caliphs, about the noble companions and tabieens and tabi tabieens only to further their evil agenda.

 I may be ex-communicated by the fatwabaz mullahs for heresy. But I will not budge from the Quran and Seerah/Sunnah as my only guide to understanding (and implementing) al Haqq. Any takers?


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