Islamic and Capitalistic Aqeedas

“Capitalistic Aqeeda”, sounds strange, like a bida’h in the religion of Capitalism! We heard of religions having Aqeedas (creed, doctrine, faith, belief), but capitalism is only an Economic theory. How is Capitalism a “religion”? Besides, it was them who separated the church from the state. First, we need to understand Aqeedah (creed). Creed of Islam is Monotheism, ie Tawheed or Unity. Islam rests on this doctrine that there is only ONE GOD. Every other activity of Islam is built upon this Aqeedah. Lets just add one more god to Tawheeed without touching anything else. What will happen? We might be living in an Islamic Republic, Kingdom or Emirate, implementing the hudud laws, struggling against yahud and nasarah, mushrooming growth of Islamic banks, gold reserve highs, fuqaha, qaris, scholars can abound, miswaks, ators, sadaqah, zakah taken duly and enforcing deadly punctuality of Nomaz. Wow!! What an achievement. But is it Islamic? Ofcourse not, we moved from Monotheism (Tawheed) to Dualism (shirk) which is the greatest crime in Islam!!! We change the Aqeedah We change the Deen. A creed must be able to answer “all” the issues involving life and universe. Capitalist creed (aqeedah) is “religion and state should stay separate”. With this, capitalism allows man to take charge of the earthly matters leaving God for spiritual functions, but it does not deny the existence of God, and neither does it stop anyone from following any spiritual path. They call it Freedom of Belief, or Secularism (separation). Based on secular theory of life, man becomes the owner of everything on earth. Besides resource ownership man is also the originator and arbiter of universal justice. Man also takes the right to legislate. The economic resources belong to man, regulated by man’s justice system and judged by man’s legislative authority due to absence of God’s Legislative, Judicial and Socio-Economic powers. Islamic creed is that Allah swt is the only Creator and we go back to Him for final judgment. We will commit shirk by adding, removing or sharing any of Allah’s powers. Allah swt is the Sustainer of Heavens and Earth (rabbis samawaate wal earth…), He is the sovereign King of the Universe (Tabarakalladhi bi yadhihil Mulk…). A sovereign does not surrender to a human being’s justice system. Therefore, from a doctrinal point, Islam rejects the concept of “Freedom of Belief (or Freedom from God)”. The aqeedah of Islam is based on Allah swt’s supreme Lordship over everything. Fair enough, I guess Islam can keep its Tawheedi creed and accept those economic concepts which do not oppose shari’ah. That will solve the problem, wont it? In Islam, all resources belong to God, man is a trustee. God fixes the boundaries in which man can work freely. To live in security and honor a man needs to be careful, like a man walking through a thorny garden needs care. He swt gave us His Book al-Quran and sent Muhammad swm as a mercy for all people. Economic system of the Quran and the life example of His Rasul swm are the only sources for us. Some Islamic concepts could intersect with capitalist concepts, like the roots of two different trees crisscrossing each other (below ground) but without affecting the trees themselves. Converting a country to Islamic Economic system whilst maintaining Secular Democratic nature of government is unacceptable. In Islamic creed only Allah swt has the power to give Laws for people. Legislature is through His Laws and obeying anything other than Allah swt’s Laws is injustice. Allah swt provides a Just Socio Economic World Order based on Islamic CREED or Aqeedah. Islam’s aqeedah of Tawheed (Unity of God) and capitalist aqeedah of Secularism (separation of God), diverge into two separate paths. They are not compatible due to their divergence in the most basic tenets. Thus, obeying secular capitalist socio-economic doctrine would be “HARAM”. We can pray and fast all we want, but our social, legal and economic frameworks are religion based, prejudiced towards one particular creed and biased against free thought.


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