6th Caliphate in Tunis

The Arab Spring started in Tunisia creating a domino effect on Egypt, Syria, Libya and Yemen. It is once again at the center of another controversy. But this time it is different. Since the collapse of Ben Ali regime analysts worried about the coming change in Tunisia’s political landscape, mainly due to the largest political party, Ennahdah. An Islamist party having ties with Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other Islamist parties. Tunisia since independence from French protectorate in 1956 remained a Republic ruled by dictators. Secularists enjoy a relative majority in capital Tunis but the mass people outside support Islamists. Ennahda proved this with their 40% majority in recent general elections. Hammadi Jebali is the General Secretary of Ennahdah who at a press conference declared that we were about to witness the return of the Caliphate in the form of the 6th Khilafah State. Not unexpectedly, his remarks drew criticism from the secular parties and journalists. Foreign media (especially Washington Post and The Telegraph) showed measured tone in their criticism. Below is the copy of the official message from Tunisia-Live.net “With deep roots in the fight against anti-Muslim oppression, Hamadi Jebali emerged from years in jail under the regime of Zine Ben Ali as a man of compromise and the moderate face of Tunisia’s Ennahda Islamist party. However, on November 13, 2011 Jebali spoke at a rally in Sidi Dhaher (governorate of Sousse) together with a parliamentary deputy from the Palestinian party Hamas. Jebali referred to the present time as “a divine moment in a new state, and in hopefully a 6th Caliphate,” and that “the liberation of Tunisia will, God willing, bring about the liberation of Jerusalem.” The statement caused a stir among the Tunisian political class as well as among the general public.” Jebali is tipped to be the future Prime Minister of Tunisia. He will also be heading the new committee to draft a new constitution for Tunisia. His statement may have been a slip, but it was the first time since the end of WWI that an elected statesman from a muslim country has called for return of Caliphate at a press conference. The sentiment was picked up by other Islamist parties in Tunis, Cairo and Damascus. It would not be surprising now to hear Turkeye inviting other Muslim leaders to a Summit in Istanbul. GCC countries are drafting a proposal for unification with Riyadh as their new capital. Think about regional spheres of unification as the first step, North Africa under Egypt, GCC under Saudi Arabia, Fertile Crescent under either Iraq or Syria, and Central cum South West Asia under Turkeye. SE Asia and South China Sea countries under a Malaysia. Five countries are critical in such regional unification, ie Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and Egypt. A global Islamic political party should be able to take the lead by offering a common platform for distributing a common idea to the people of these countries. Within a few years Muslim world has undergone a fundamental change in its politics. Hammadi Jebali sure knows the climate of the muslim world like an Arab trader his deserts.


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