Ghostbusters from Saudi Arabia

There is a travel alert from Saudi Arabia: “To all the witches, fairies, monsters, ghouls, ghosts, spirits, vodooists, black magicians and mentally disturbed epileptics: Be aware, there is a travel ban on you. His Royal Highness has decreed to behead you wretches for exporting your haram and bidah professions to his country. Become humans for your good, or the sword.”

Brave men of the desert our saudi brothers. They could not find a match in the battlefield, so they hunted a poor woman for practicing witchcraft! Details of the case are sanitized by the Royal Press, but one can easily guess. The witch was making weird accussations about the saudi royal family for being a partner in the Zionist agenda for the middle east. She did not spare other royals around the peninsula either. She claims that one day all these Zionist satraps will collapse and a great revolution will shake the very throne of Sauds, Sabas, Khalifas, Thanis, Qaboos and Nahyans. What a witch!!


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