Islamic Movement or Religious Inquisition

My friend Mesbah got angry on religious schools of Islam called Madhabs because last week someone stopped him to proclaim call for Magreeb salah forcing him to rectify the Iqamah as per his Madhabee rule. My friend cried out, “How come I do that? Can you do that with me? This is a general problem in our Islamic countries – blind following of madhabs. Then how can you expect getting some better result out of Khutbah of a blind Madhabee Imam? Most of the Madhabees are actually practicing against what the Imam of their Majhabs said”. Mesbah is implying that Islamic movements should focus on correcting people’s religious beliefs, hoping to unify muslims under one single creed, at the exclusion of all other schools of thought. And obviously, that single creed must be of Mesbah’s liking. Only then, according to him, will the Islamic Movement really be Islamic.

Two things for my dear brother.

1) ALL our rulings on Aqidah, fiqh, madhab were compiled under state appointed Sheikh al Islam through a proper legal institution called Adalah (or Amiriyah or in some places Sultaniyeh). I have evidences if you need. Which legal entity in our times is duly authorised to ensure islamic rulings? (Un)-Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh says Masjid an Nabawi was a semi-temple!!!! OIC is an Organization of International Clowns!! Al Azhar says Riba is permissible!! Are Islamic laws meant for memorization and chanting at medresahs whereas parliaments, courts and cabinets should divide our Dhaka city, scrap Caretaker Govt, sell our ports, give our land as corridors and allow desertification of our lands? Is Islamic system unable to address these acts, or is it that muslims have left Islam and thus became victims of something else?

2) Without a central authority to formulate, enforce and propagate compliance with legal rulings we should not be surprised to find a moron stopping you from iqamah due to his bloody illiteracy. We may debate mazhabs till yawm al akhirah without changing anything at all. Islamic movement must be a struggle against unjust systems imposed on ‘any’ nation anywhere in the world. It is not a “religious” inquisition to forcefully convert people by the sword (or by drones). Indeed, liberty to criticise a law, a method or a philosophy is deep rooted in Islamic tradition, so much so that an old woman can bring the conqueror of Romans, Persians and Egyptians to appologize in his court!!


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