Media quiet about masjid burning in Jerusalem

English: Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem, Israel - v...

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A masjid was burned in Jerusalem by Zionists. Muslim media remained nearly silent about it. Had a muslim removed as much as a stone from a Hindu mandir in a muslim country you can bet that all hell would have been let loose. Media would have jumped on the bandwagon branding muslims as ‘intolerant’, ‘bigots’, ‘radicals’ and what not. Media is negatively biased towards islam, muslims and most of all to political islam. When a masjid was burned in jerusalem, it became an unused masjid, not important, and not deserving of media attention. In other words, that masjid probably deserved to be burned!

We need to take news about muslims from mainstream media with a pinch of salt. You can bet they will never have anything good to say about the rising tide of resurgent islamic movements across the globe. They linked Arab Spring with Democracy whereas now we know that muslims want the Islamic Sharia.
Zionists burned a masjid in Jerusalem as a terror tactic to scare away muslims from that area, in order to expand their settlements. Muslims receive a better education from Islam. We dont cut down trees, burn places of worship or kill monks. The Holy Quran tells us, there is no compulsion in religion. Some individual muslims may be guilty of crimes, for a variety of reasons. The due course of law should  obviously be applied on them. But Islam must not be held on trial, only that guilty individual is responsible for his crimes. For all our non muslim friends, we can assure them that although our masjids are burned and demolished by non muslims, we will not imitate such heinous acts. Islam does not teach us to do that.

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