New Battle for Baghdad

From 170,000 soldiers in 2003 they are down to 4,000 and hoping to leave very soon leaving only some advisors behind. They invaded Iraq on the pretext of dismantling WMD. They did’nt find any. The Iraqi invasion showed the true nature of ‘shock and awe’ on civillian population. It exposed the brutal techniques exposed in Abu Ghraib. What exactly did the Iraqi invasion accomplish?

Saddam’s Baathist regime changed, to make way for shii resurgence. Or, secular democracy was not adopted by Iraqis. Iraqi army has been reduced to a mercenary police force. Iraq can’t defend against its neighbors, a reversal in its military stature from the past. Sectarianism, factionalism and fatricide are only a few other examples. Iraqi invasion accomplished all of the above at a remarkable cost of human

April Glaspie shakes hands with Saddam Hussein

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lives. Mission accomplished. War lost.

Iraqis could not be bombed into surrendering their character. Instead of winning the hearts and minds invaders won their venom in Fallujah and Basra. What will happen now after the departure of the US?
Iran and Turkey will be the next big players in Iraq’s politics. Iran has an influence over shii Iraqis, while Turkey will have a lot to say on both Sunni and Kurdish areas. The battle for Baghdad did not end, it may just be the beginning of a new muslim rivalry for power in Ash-Sham region.

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