Egypt in chaos after elections, Syria bending

We thought Mubarak’s departure was the end. They proved everybody wrong. BBC and CNN had reported that Tahrir Square demonstrations were about democracy, they beamed youths who spoke in those terms also. Now, after the fall of firaun, something has sparked the revolutionaries to come back to Tahrir Square. Democratic elections show Egyptians want Muslim Brotherhood and Al Nour with 70% votes can change the constitution should the need arise. It also indicates that Egyptians will vote in favor of Islamists in any referendum. Theoretically, Islamic Egypt can scrap the peace treaty with Israel. It is bad news for Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. They will face pressure from their citizens to act decisively on Golan, Jerusalem, West Bank and River Jordan. There may be more than one power involved behind recent Tahrir Square demos. The rising Islamic wave is perhaps the single most important reason for the Arab League countries to convince “Butcher al-Assad” to stop his bloody madness. He is bending but not enough.

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