Land is only for the Wealthy

The Detailed Area Plan (Dap) of Dhaka City is biased towards the wealthy people as it proposes unequal urban facilities, speakers at a discussion said yesterday. The Daily Star.

There is a saying in village Bangla, “Shobuj Shemol maati, shonar cheye khaati”. Unfortunately the owners of pure gold are being ripped off by two powerful agencies. Firstly, there is the monied people. They are buying up lands from poor people in villages and mafassals paying them enough to start a new career in pulling rickshaws in towns. However, after development of land prices skyrocket leaving the original owner wondering why he could not be a part of such gains made from his land. Previously he could enjoy every benefit (big or small) from that piece. He knows he lost out but he cant do anything against the billionaires. Law always seems to favor the rich and famous.

Secondly, there are lobbyists who can influence the government to make policies in such a way so as to enrich their special interest groups. They often receive unfair advantages over common people. These are the educated, influential, employed, upper middle class layer of people, for whom common people are either servants or low class clerks who deserve to be grouped into slums and ghettos.

A poor guy from Munshiganj will regret selling his crop land for Tk3lac/bigha which would rise to be Tk3crore/katha within a few years. Better for him to keep his shobuj shemol jomin.


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