The AL-BNP Blame Game

As usual, AL blames BNP, BNP blames AL, Jamaat remains mum. BNP leaders’ body language showed that they did not know how to respond to Sunday’s explosions, except to blame rival AL. It is a convenient political tool, although brainless. BNP has linked itself with Jamaat’s past and it will haunt them in next general elections. People are demanding to know what is BNP’s exact position regarding Judhaporadhis. Are they with them, or against them?

One observer pointed out, Jamaat would not gain much from these attacks, because, Jamaat would want to wait till things reach a critical stage (like final judgment by the Tribunal, or the arrest of Ghulam Azam, or both), when they will unleash their plans. Until such time JI would want to save its leadership.

There is little sense for the ruling party to create a crisis at this time when IMF heads are in town. Economy is under pressure and ‘secret killings’ are raising questions. So, who did it, and why?

Average person cares mostly about going to work on time, attending to duties, finding suitable transport, getting home on time, sending children to school, buying daily needs at an affordable price, and other things. Instead of addressing people’s affairs they are busy with party agendas which are not of priority concern for common man. People want the administration to ensure public safety, ease of mobility and maintenance of law and order, as a priority, instead of political camping on people’s life and money.


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