I am Felani’s brother

A close-up view of a barbed wire barb

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Felani, 15 years old Bangladeshi girl. On Friday, 7th January, 2011 at 6am she and her father were climbing the barbed wire boundary between Bangladesh and India border (exact location: International Border No. 947, between 3 and 4 s pillar of Anantapur, Fulbari) using a ladder. Her father, Nuru Mia crossed first. But Felani’s clothes got entangled in the wire. She got scared and started screaming. Hearing her scream, BSF members started shooting at her, at 6.15 am. She was asking for water till her death, about 30 minutes after shooting, but nobody responded being afraid of BSF’s bullets. According to International human rights group Human Rights Watch, in the year 2010 BSF killed 74 Bangladeshis, injured 72 and kidnapped 43 Bangladeshis. Felani cries out from her grave, ‘Are all my brothers dead? My death will haunt you until you imagine your own daughter hanging dead by the barbed wire in my place”. Felani is sister to all those men who are bold enough to protect their women and children. We did not forget Felani. Her brothers are alive and they are not cowards. We will speak out against spilling of innocent blood anywhere, regardless of race or religion. Felani was just a little girl coming home with her father. How many more little girls should we sacrifice?

4 thoughts on “I am Felani’s brother

  1. what is this article all about…. instigating people… where the religion/race came in between ….crossing an international border is a crime & thus were shot….is the writer of this article mad… Anyway what the writer wants to suggest…. that border between India & Bangladesh should not exist… If so, can you & all Felani’s bothers want Bangladesh to be a part of India & be treated as one of the states????

    • Human life is more precious than barbed wires. Felani was just a little girl coming home with her father who worked in India to feed his poor family. Did her death increase the valor of those soldiers? Does not having a valid visa grant someone the authority to kill unarmed poor people? The author is mad about saving human life. Why is the commentator obsessed with racial and religious segregation? Border between India and BD exists for 60 odd years. What about the 1000 years when it didnt exist…

  2. No. we belive in the rule of law. but more than that Muslims must uphold the concept of MERCY. Cross border trading falls under bilateral trade agreement which both countries cud amend to make commerce fluid between people.

    Mercy is better than shooting someone who has not been convicted by a court for a crime.

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