Memogate – its importance to Pakistan

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As the news of Osama Bin Laden‘s execution in Abottabad got out Pakistan Administration looked like a helpless state in the grip of its anti-terror partner. Its ambassador to the US was shortly fired for submitting a memo to the Pentagon requesting the US military establishment to save Zardari. The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered an enquiry into what is popularly known as “Memogate“. Why is this so important for Pakistan amidst other burning problems?

Pakistan Army‘s romance with the US military complex goes back to the Cold War era Great Game in South Asia between Soviet-India and US-Pakistan camps. Soviet invasion of Afghanistan provided a decade of militray assistance and intelligence co-operation between them. Ordinary people felt that the real decision makers of their country were sitting thousands of miles away from Islamabad. Military dictators from Ayub Khan to Parvez Musharraf showed an unusual side of the world’s oldest Republican Democracy. On the one hand, US advocated democracy to Afghanistan but on the other hand strengthened the military regime of strongman Musharraf.

US support for dictators confirmed suspicions that Pakistan leadership had sold out to the US in exchange for power and profit. Treason, is another word to describe it. Politicians and leaders hardly place national interest before their individual gains. To realize their political ambitions they sell their country to outsiders. They get on the bandwagon of ‘jamhuriat’ as the common political ground for friendship with the US. Jumhuriat is conveniently silenced when the need shifts for a strongman.

Memogate, if it proves to be from the highest office, will only re-confirm the fact that, the country’s steering wheels are not in Islambad. The theoretical migration of power from Islamabad would be due to decades of treachery by a handful of traitors. Nawab Sirajuddawlah was betrayed by Mir Jafar ushering 200 years of British Raj. . Memogate might be the proof of another Mir Jafar style colonial surrender.


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