Syria’s Baathist Assad benefits Israel

Israel is the biggest beneficiary of fascist baathist Syria. Media propaganda about Syrian military threat to Israel by arming Hezbollah and Hamas should be taken with a grain of salt. The last thing Israel wants is a popular elected national government in Damascus. A democratic Syria could incline towards implementing the collective will of its people. Israel must be aware that Syrians would want Golan Heights back. They would also want Zionist settlements to stop in Palestine and to free all of Jerusalem from Israeli hold. These demands can’t be suppressed without a brutal dictator under a fascist regime. Thanks to the Bathist Assad family Israel can silence the 99% majority by using Syrian tanks against Syrians. Assad’s longevity is absolutely crucial to the security interest of Israel second only to Egypt.

It is a common characteristic of Arab and North African countries to be ruled by a ruthless strongman who receives direct or tacit support of a superpower. They are usually seen shouting abuses at the US, Israel and Western countries in general, while they stash millions in Swiss bank accounts. American culture and education is villified by them whilst their children study in those very universities and settle in those western ‘infidel’ cities. The hypocrisy of these rulers puts to shame real criminals. Anti Israeli slogans are a tool not a policy for Arab dictators and monarchs. They use that as a tool to win the hearts of their largely under-educated citizens and tribesmen. They come out shining as the champions of the Palestinian cause resembling the chivalry of Salahddin, but they forget that ‘truth’ is like fire, which can’t remain hidden under a blanket without burning it. Syria’s blanket of lies is burning by the blood of the revolutionaries. Assad’s brutality will fail to resist the inevitable. Truth will prevail in Syria, its people are ready for it, and Assad should know it by now.


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