Cause behind Man’s Destruction in Surah Abasa

A student wants good grades at school. A patient wants medical treatment. A businessman wants profits. There must be a way to achieve these desires. Students can decide to study, take notes, complete their home-works and be attentive in class, or, they can decide not to attend school. A patient can go to a doctor, take medicine and get a check-up, or, he could avoid visiting doctors and hospitals. A businessman can invest in his company, design better products and services and conduct sales and marketing efforts, or, he could waste his capital, design inferior products, and charge high prices. These options are readily available to man and he has the liberty to choose between them.
One option is the road to success while another will lead to failure. Students who don’t study at school will naturally fail to get good grades. A patient who refuses medical advice will remain sick. A businessman who does not perform will see losses. A man will cause his own destruction by opting for the wrong path. It is un-natural for man to walk a path of failure. Mankind is naturally inclined to choose the best path for his success. No one wants to cause his own destruction. He will resist everything that threatens to harm his way of life. Yet, we have been warned by our Creator that, Man causes his own destruction.
Mankind will cause its own destruction when it rejects the Truth. The Truth is that man did not create this universe. He was just a fluid before he took shape as a human being and slowly he was raised with intelligence and physical prowess. But when he gains authority he rejects the truth about his beginnings. He rejects the existence of his Creator. He denies that water, air, mountains, animals, crops, fruits, everything else, is through the act of creation by an all powerful Creator.
Rejecting the truth is the cause of man’s destruction. Allah rabbil alamin says in the Holy Quran (surah Abasa):
Qutilal Insanu ma akfara (80:17)
Man destroys himself by his ungrateful rejection of the truth. Why does he do it? Man rejects truth about God in the same way as he rejects the truth about any other matter. He becomes arrogant, he thinks he has the answer to life, death and universe. His ego blocks his ability to reflect and understand from the amazing process of the nature world around him. His scientific progress and material advancement is not enough to create a simple fruit as his food. Man is dependent on the Creator for his life, his food, water, agriculture and in totality for surviving in the universe. Man will die and after death he will be resurrected for his final reckoning. From surah Abasa 80: 41-42:
Darkness shall cover them.
These are they who are Kaafirs (deniers of the truth), the wicked.


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