Low Caste Hindu Dalits Rolling in Rubbish

Low caste Hindus in India roll over the left over meals of high caste Hindus in a ritual which they believe will cure them of skin diseases. Lower caste Hindus called Dalits are opposed to this ritual calling it ‘inhuman’ and ‘unacceptable’. Upper caste Hindus support it. Dalits have been unjustly and inhumanely oppressed by a religious belief which undermines the very dignity of a human being. There is no difference between the Dalit and the High priest except for their good and bad deeds. Upper Caste Barhmins may have an issue with my statement. But that’s fine. The truth must come out. Dalits and Brahmin priests were created by the same God and He will judge between them on the Day of Judgement. Brahmins, Maulvis or Rabbis will not be immune from the final reckoning with God. To take a man’s dignity away from him is an evil deed. Every man is born free and every man has a birth right to an honorable living. That is our inheritance from our father Adam alaihi wa salam,


2 thoughts on “Low Caste Hindu Dalits Rolling in Rubbish

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