Assad Saved by Arab League

How many died in the Libyan revolt? Exactly, not too many. How many dead in Egypt? Between 800 to 1000. How many dead in Syria? 6,000!! Terrible loss of innocent blood greater than any Arab country and yet NATO did not consider imposing a No Fly zone as they did in Libya. Neither did any western capital suggest “peaceful transition” of power as they did for Mubarak. Arab brother sheikhs did not offer any refuge like Ben Ali or Saleh.

Israel and her supporters sanctify democracy, people power and collective will for the world except for Arabs and Muslims. Israel-US supported a democratic government for Iraq but not for Egypt. Because Iraqi democracy would be friendly towards Israel-US lobby unlike Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

Arab Spring is over, and Assad won. Syrian revolutionaries were defeated by their traditional and historic enemy, Arab governments. Arab League through their ‘observers’ provided Assad diplomatic camouflage whilst showing the world that a bloody conflict is being resolved by negotiation. Why did Arab governments save the ruthless murderer? What right do they have to ‘observe’ a massacre, unless it is a trick to brush away Syrian genocide. Arab sheikhs can’t afford to see another dictator comrade fall and that’s why they covered-up Assad’s murders. But Arab sheikhs forgot something written in Islamic scriptures. Its called the Law of Requital. They will get what they sowed. In Syria, and the rest of Muslim world, rulers sowed the seeds of revolution. It’s only a matter of time before seeds grow into trees.


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