Bomb kills Iran nuclear scientist

Iran’s biggest threat to the western countries is its growing intellectual prowess within a state independent from western models. Deadly combination for any country to have, but more for an oil rich state in a strategic location. Iran’s nuclear ambition is viewed as a threat while Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is seen as “strategic assets”. Iran had to defend itself against Iraq’s aggression while Pakistan is considered to be the breeding ground for jihadists. Iraq had Zarqawi and Pakistan had Osama. Iran, has none of that, although Hizbollah and Hamas are said to receive backing from Iranians. Yet, it is Iran, instead of Pakistan, which is the main target for Israel and her allies.

Pakistan’s nuclear facilities are under the control of Generals friendly towards foreign powers, therefore nuclear power is indirectly under proxy ‘foreign’ supervision. Iran’s political landscape is original and dominated by Iran’s internal agenda. Its Army is under Vilayete Faqih, and their nuclear program seems also to be under civil control. This makes Iran’s civil politicians final negotiators for nuclear technology. Ahmedinijad is more radical and conservative which makes negotiations difficult with Israeli supporters. West friendly Iranian party would have softened Iran’s current hardliner stand. Iran’s scientists are indeed as dangerous as their ambitions. The principle behind the murder of scientists is, “to destroy a nation, kill its intellectual capital first”.

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