Cameroon Warns Iran During Saudi Visit

“Whole world” would take action if Iran closed the Straits of Hormuz, warned the British Premiers during his visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It sounds theatrical. Britain, the successor to Roman Empire, the provider of Westminister Parliamentary Democracy, home of English Common Law, provides credibility to Saudi authoritarian monarchy by slamming its arch rival in the Persian Gulf. British embassy in Riyadh must have updated the Home Office about growing violations of basic rights, especially towards South Asians and women, in the Kingdom. Most recently, 8 Bangladeshi nationals were beheaded for an alleged murder of a security guard. Last month one old woman was beheaded for supposedly practicing ‘witchcraft’!!

Arab sheikhs, whom the west backs, are jokers in their own rights. They are violators of basic human rights, suppressors of speech and killers of free thought. Why does’nt western media turn around and point out al-Saud family for holding tightly to the pillars of treachery, debauchery, hypocrisy and secrecy. An Islamic government in the Hejaz would make a world of difference to the muslim world.

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