Did Islamists Profit from Arab Spring

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Ofcourse Islamic parties benefited from Arab Spring. But not in the way media portrays it. As if media wants to say, Islamists hijacked the revolution. For decades western democracies supported ruthless dictators in the Arab world. They still do in many sheikhdoms. Arab Spring toppled three dictators, Ben Ali, Mubarak and Ghaddafi. For years, they ruled with an iron fist using their infamous intelligence agencies to suppress political voice of freedom and liberty. In a changed political climate Muslim Brotherhood has come out as the choice of mass people. Western media wants to undermine the rise of political Islam by claiming that Islamists either stole the revolution or profited heavily from it.

Firstly, Arab revolts were manifestations of ordinary peoples’ frustration with despotic regimes. People rose up against them as any nation would have done against unjust rulers. Removal of strongmen opened the door for people to express their real desires. They expressed themselves in Egypt and Tunisia resoundingly. Their choice is not a newly found romance with a new political philosophy. They had always lived under Islamic governments until colonialist expansion. Although Arab socialism replaced imperial rule ordinary people did not change their personal and family value system, which was always Islamic. People arranged their families, private lives and religious functions according to their traditional Islamic customs. Although shariah was removed as state law people still obeyed them in their personal capacities as a religious duty, especially in the case of family and inheritance laws. Political Islam is not a new concept for a society which lived under an Islamic system for 1300 years. The disappearance of Islamic rule was the exception not the norm. Re-emergence of their Islamic way of life is only a natural outcome of their deep rooted culture in Islam.

Media wants to suggest that Islamists are responsible for throwing Arabs back to Islamic radicalism by seizing on the current leadership gap.  Islam never disappeared from Arab society. It was always there in peoples’ hearts and minds under any empire or dictator. Islamic political parties did not exist during the caliphates but Islamic way of life certainly existed back then and now. People’s natural inclination is to live under a ruling system that matches their life objectives and aspirations.


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