Reason Behind Islamist Appeal

English: The state flag of the Islamic Caliphate.

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Middle East experts opined that Muslim Brotherhood appeals to average Egyptian because they are uneducated, illiterate, poor and weak. Such conditions, western experts suggest, makes it easy for a moderate Islamic party to win them over by using religion as a tool. That is far from the truth. Experts failed to look into Muslim homes to understand why they support any Islamic movement at all. Similarly, Muslims ‘experts’ failed to provide a meaningful reason for Islamic revivalism.

To suggest that uneducated, or backward people, are only interested in Islamic politics is another proof of flawed thinking. A family in Cairo is no different from one in Berlin or London. They have similar issues to deal with, in varying degrees. They are concerned about bringing up their children to be upright, honest and good citizens. Muslims support Islamic politics because their secularist dictators failed to govern justly. Mubarak, Ali and Ghaddafi stashed away billions in European capitals for years while secular liberal states continued to support dictators. Islamists, on the other hand, faced imprisonment, torture and death, for protesting against corruption and misrule

Any student of Islam will tell you that Islam is not a religion in its traditional western meaning of the term. Islam, is a ‘way of living’ based on values taken from Divine Revelation, the Holy Quran. There is no concept to separate masjid from State in Islam, neither is there any need for it, as masjids stood as much for worship as government work in the Islamic Caliphate. Church-State separation is from European Christendom and it is not a universal concept for humanity. There is no compulsion upon Believers to accept this philosophy in their ideological ‘way of life’. The liberty to accept or reject a concept is fundamental to our freedom of thought and belief. Islamists appeal to Muslims in Muslim countries because Islam is their ‘way of life’.





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