Iran warns of consequences if Arabs back oil sanctions

Iran warned Gulf Arab neighbors they would suffer consequences if they raised oil output to replace Iranian crude facing an international ban. Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries already agreed to raise output to offset iran’s exit from oil markets. Iran and Saudi Arabia are headed towards a head on collision course, war. There is one problem. Saudi Arabia does not have an army to fight Iran. It gets tricky because Saudi Arabia sits next to Israel, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Iran, some of the hottest flash points in the world, and yet this mega rich ocean of oil does not have a standing army to protect itself. Wher did all the billions go?

Without an army Saudi Arabia has done pretty well for itself. For example, it was a safe haven for Kuwaiti Sabahs who fled their homes when Saddam sent his armed forces to Kuwait. In the navy, captains are court martialled for abandoning their ship in case of adverse situations. Sabahs did worse. They left their citizens to face the wrath of Baathist thugs while they swam in luxury villas in exile, in Jeddah. Its surprising that Kuwaitis learned to live with this humiliation of having cowards for rulers who proved to be treacherous to the nation. How did Saudis manage all these years in a region infected by wars and revolts? Answer is to be found thousands of miles away.

During the first Gulf War, John Baker III categorically disclosed to the world that US is indeed the GUARANTOR of PEACE in the region. Whenever there is threat to al-Saud family there will be help waiting to rescue them. Its like the American cartoon Mighty Mouse to the rescue to save his fat sheikhs from being toppled by common people. Israel is not Saudi enemy, regardless of how much lip service Saudis give for Palestinians. Funny, how Saudi billions pour in to ‘bury our dead’ but they are never there to ‘save our defenders’. Bahrain and Qatar are really irrelevant in world politics except that they play host to the US Naval and Central commands. British forts replaced by US naval fleets. That is what change means to ordinary Arabs in the Gulf. Saudi Arabia is not worried about attacks from Iran. It does not need an army to defend itself. US naval fleet is sitting there to guard the Royalty. Saudis are confident that their monarchy will remain in power for as long as the current world powers back them. Mubarak, Ghaddafi and Shah Pehlavi thought exactly in similar fashion. Saudis must wake up and smell the ‘hommus’, no options will be left when their guarantor switches his friendship for another.


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