What is Iran’s Real Threat

NY Times reports, ‘pressure on Iran mounted, with the United States saying it was determined to isolate the country’s central bank, and three of Iran’s largest oil customers — Japan, South Korea and China — getting assurances that Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf producers would help make up any gap in supplies if they curtailed oil purchases from Iran’. Saudi Arabia and other puppet regimes in the Gulf will pump out oil to make up for Iranian oil exports so that Israel-NATO can isolate Iran economically. Assumption being, by trapping economically Iran can be forced to submit to Israeli-Western demands to freeze nuclear technology development. Israel has placed the Iranian threat as paramount for its survival in the Middle East. Although, Israel is said to have the 6th largest nuclear stockpile while Iran has not developed a nuclear power plant yet. A nuclear Iran can be easily defended by Israel and her western supporters. Why then is there such Iranophobia?

The real threat from Iran to Israel is not its nuclear technology. Pakistan already has the bomb but the west is not panicking about Islamist sponsored nuclear war coming out of that country. The real threat is that an Islamic State will be at the center of global power, which Pakistan could not accomplish but Iran could. Theocratic Iran is not the ideal Islamic State, as the Caliphate, but it is still an original home grown concept from shii Iranians. A viable and prosperous nuclear enabled Islamic State can pull regional Islamist forces to its side. It can act as the power center for global Islamic movements against western interests, namely in the Peninsula. Iran centric sphere of influence in the Arab world also means that Iran could dominate the world oil markets. In the worst case, it could introduce a new Islamic currency for trading oil. That would be the red line. Challenge to western hegemony is nothing but attempt to replace the US Dollar as the sole currency for global oil trading. Unlike Sheikhdoms in the Gulf who resemble British government structure, or Socialist Baathists who resemble totalitarian regimes of former Soviet block countries, Iran has developed a workable system on its own concepts of government. Saudis and other small states are afraid that Iranian model could act as a source for revolts by their shii populations, especially in states like Bahrain, UAE, Yemen and Oman. Having a viable shii Islamic state will greatly boost the chances of successful revolts starting another domino effect in the Gulf as in North Africa. Moreover, sunni dictators feel insecure because they don’t uphold Islamic principles in their countries Iran could also inspire sunni Arabs to prefer shii sponsored revolution for Islamic revivalism in sunni heartland. Threat to sheikh’s own monarchy from a successful Iranian model pushes them to find another power which can halt the rise of Iran. Saudi Arabia, Israel, Britain and NATO countries are standing on one platform against Iran. So much for Saudi salafist nonsense about brotherhood.


3 thoughts on “What is Iran’s Real Threat

  1. When will it become commonly understood that the real threat that makes US and its allies scared ‘back in the mind’ is not an Islamic Nuke, it’s actually Islamic currency backed by an underlying asset ‘Oil’ that would have demand till the foreseeable future. Unlike the fiat USD which is not backed by anything of value, not Gold, not Oil, not Iron. The Fed has nothing against those USD bills. USD’s emergence in post world war II scenario America used to make everything. So long as you have a dollar in your wallet there was a guarantee that you would be able to spend it. For whatever you want, You name it, US makes it. But now it’s China. If i have to accept a fiat currency on a no choice basis, i would prefer YUAN to USD. Great article Arif Bhai. But one thing you see that USDs justification as a Global currency is still sustained by China’s acceptance to get paid in USD. The Chinese are smart enough to realize that US can never pay in knid the value of USD, Why than they are still accepting USD? why than they are not asking for payment in YUAN for the Food, Clothing, Cars and everything they make?

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