Who Owns Pakistan

Since the mysterious assassination of Liaqat Ali Khan Pakistan has been under direct and indirect military control. Contrary to rest of the world moving towards liberal secular democracy Pakistan kept going backwards towards feudal landlordship style totalitarianism. Pakistan Army became the Chief Executive of South Asia’s US-NATO presence long before Musharraf double crossed Afghanistan. Yet, its Army has proved not to be in full control of the country. 1971 genocide of Bengali Muslims and 21st century murder of Afghans and Pashtuns are examples of Generals’ loyalty towards foreign power. Pakistanis keep struggling to find out who really is in charge of their country?

Army Generals find religion to be a convenient tool for rationalizing their brutality. Politicians find racism and nationalism as higher goals for their share of betrayal. Take Memogate for instance. Allegedly, Zardari sought US military intervention to thwart Kiyani from staging a coup. This is clear treason. Kiyani, for his part, colluded with foreign forces’ drones to kill his citizens, and finally to kill his own soldiers. This too is high treason. Both Zardari and Kiyani can be accused for exactly the same crime against Pakistan. Who is the beneficiary of their betrayal?

India is an arch rival of Pakistan. However, neither Memogate nor Drones had any direct link with India, which in these cases could not have benifitted except in international diplomacy. Only one country is deeply involved with Pakistan’s security and armed forces. Gilani and Zardari are on their way out. Kiyani is a master chess player who is expected to go down the path of his predecessors, Ayub, Yahya, Zia and Musharraf, into insignificance. Last man standing for Pakistan is none other than, the average man who works hard, provides for his family and keeps his trust. He represents Pakistan’s neglected 99%, who keep getting duped by both Generals and Politicians.


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