Libyan Interim Govt Under Attack

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Libyan rebels who ousted Colonel Ghaddafi are back in Benghazi, an eastern city of Libya second only to Tripoli. This time their venom is against the interim government known as National Transition Council headed by Mustafa Abdul Jalil. Protesters are angry because they feel that they have been cheated. One angry protester said, “we don’t want to replace one tyrant by another”. They demanded transparency and justice from new rulers. But they feel that new rulers are committing same crime against Libyans as Ghaddafi did for so long. Libya’s NTC recently passed election laws without consulting public opinion.

Protesters broke through the gates of NTC’s office in Benghazi, taking away computers, cables, furniture and electronics.

“The election laws have not been approved by thousands of Libyans and do not honor those who died for our freedom,” said Tamer al-Jahani, a lawyer taking part in the protest. “We don’t want to replace one tyrant with another.”

The NTC is expected to soon pass the packet of laws, which specify how elections for a transitional parliament will be held. The council only took into account public suggestions through an online survey.

The NTC’s handling of the draft laws has sparked criticism that the council is not living up to its democratic ideals.

Protester Ahmed Boras accused the NTC of sidelining anti-Qaddafi fighters.

“It seems to us that these people are no different than Qaddafi and they only speak the language of force,” he said. Ahmed’s fears echo Tahrir Square protests after Mubarak.


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