Afghanistan, Graveyard of Empires

Qatar is poised to overtake Saudi Arabia, if it has’nt already, as the nerve center for US-NATO relations with Arab Muslim countries. With one exception. Qatar is expanding its role from Arabist slant to a rather larger role in the former Ottoman provinces including Afghanistan. Qatar is the central command center for US forces in the Middle East as well as the proxy capital city of Afghan Talibans. US learned, the hard way, that Afghanistan could not be conquered by force. Afghan people are warriors by birth and they don’t work according to swiss clockworks. This was the lesson taught to Soviet invaders and now once again it stands.
US has kept its corrupt front man Karzai out from negotiations by choosing Qatar as the center for talks with Taliban. Karzai should know that his days as the boss of Afghanistan is quite limited. By 2014 US-NATO will pull out but Karzai will be hard pressed to find Afghan supporters. Talibans will become the good guys, again. Afghanistan will return to Afghan Talibans, oil and gas pipelines will be built to connect the Central Asian energy giants. But none of these will be without another civil war between ISI managed Talibans and home grown rebels. Afghanistan will probably continue as a war torn country, with or without the Talibans coming back to power. The graveyard of empires will turn into playing ground for military strategists.

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