New Power Qatar Wants Syrian Assad Out

Qatari Emir had earlier suggested to send Arab troops to Syria. It was rejected by both Arab League and Syria. Bashar Al-Assad asked for justification for a dictator to intervene in another dictator’s territory to stop bloodshed. He meant to say that both Baathists and Al-Thaanis were on the same murderous plane. That has not stopped Qatari Royal family from staking a claim in regional geo-political stage. Qatar could be to  Middle East what UK is in Europe, a central nerve center of US-NATO alliance for domination of Middle Eastern politics of oil and power.

Arab League observers failed in their mission to halt the genocide. They wanted to refer Assad to UNSC. Syria may be coming closer to the edge. Qatar is once again in the news for making another bold suggestion to Baathist Syria. A proposed National Transition Government has been proposed for Syria resembling those governments in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. This is in effect a call for regime change.

Here are excerpts of the comments of the Qatari prime minister, who is also the country’s foreign minister.

First, all bloodshed and acts of violence must end.

Second, we are asking the Syrian government for the following: the release of all detainees and the end of all military presence in cities. And allow all media (both Arab and international) to move freely to find the facts on the ground. And to withdraw the Syrian army to its barracks forthwith. And to allow all civil demonstrations, allow people to demonstrate freely.

[There will be an] increase of monitors in Syria with all equipment necessary to fulfill their mission. We are calling on the Syrian government and the opposition to start a new political dialogue within two weeks.

[We agreed] to take on these initiatives. To form a government of national unity to be participated in by the opposition [and to hold elections].

For the president of Syria to take dialogue with the opposition and to establish a political system with all political parties where all people are equal regardless of their creed or religious belief. That the national unity to reestablish security in the country and support the security and police to take charge and that Arab countries in conjunction with the Arab League to support the government of national unity.

And to look into the complaints of those who were injured or have suffered [during the uprising].

After the establishment of the government of national unity, there has to be a referendum and the preparation for new elections. The Arab League Secretary-General is to send a new special envoy to Syria, and call on the international community to support this national unity government to fulfill its functions.


We wish that this Arab plan is similar to what happpened in Yemen, which bore results in the political process. And after dialogue with all brothers in the League, we agreed to take an Arab initiative, this initiative, I’ve read you its most important decisions: to form a govt of national unity and to establish a government of national unity. We will be asking from the Security Council and we will be after this conference writing a letter to the president of the Security Council to have a meeting with [Arab League chief] Nabil ElAraby to put all these Arab decisions before them, to get a decision from the Security Council.

As you see, we are looking into an Arab solution for this. We are not looking for a military intervention. The decision was by consensus, except Algeria which had some reservations. Lebanon has abstained, and we appreciate their situation there and we thank them for their cooperation.

This is, in a nutshell, what happened.


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