Looking Back at Tahrir Square

Last year we were glued to the TV, watching thousand of young Egyptians protest against new pharaoh. Western nations were shocked. They did not anticipate the domino effect to hit Israel’s most important rival so quickly. Without Mubarak treaty with Israelmay not continue. Islamists might spring to power. Muslim Brotherhood could kick start a campaign for a global Caliphate. The press conferences in western capitals showed their uneasy and often confusing directions in decision making. Were they with the revolutionaries or against them? Will the US support the dictator Mubarak like they supported the Shah, or will they support the revolutionaries of freedom and liberty. Initially, US did not support freedom and liberty in Egypt. They hoped for Mubarak to use his forces to crush the rebellion. Mubarak collapsed. Why are the revolutionaries back in Tahrir Square after a year?

Egypt is too important an Arab state to be left alone by Israel and her partners. The peace treaty between Egypt and Israel has been the corner stone of Israel’s strategy so far. Israel can’t afford a hostile Egyptian government especially not an Islamic one. It would be in the best interest of Israel to create disunity, mistrust and suspicion between civil and military administrators in Cairo. Only a crisis driven Misr is good for Israel. As Misr moves from one crisis to another, it is also warranting a good case for the military to step in and normalise the situation. For the moment, Masris have shown their deep understanding of regional politics and that is why they are back in Tahrir Square. Unfortunately, their armed forces are betraying that all important trust.

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