Hama – For What Crime Was She Murdered

On February 2, 1982, Syria declared war on its own citizens. With 25,000 dead, Assad Sr believed he had won. February 2, 2012, Hama once again showed the faces of its children who inherited that spirit to stand up to a tyrant. Muslim Brotherhood was the uniting force in Hama until tanks rolled in to quash the voice of freedom for 30 years. That voice is now louder than ever.

There is a Quranic verse which comes to mind when contemplating Hama. The verse is regarding the infanticide of pre-Islamic Mecca when baby girls were buried alive. It talks about how female infants are asked on judgment day for what sin they were murdered [Quran, Takwir Sura].

Today, the entire Muslim world must ask: why was Hama killed on February 2, 1982? Arab leaders make a mockery of Muslims and Islamic justice with their silence. They show up at Arab League and OIC meetings only to read out some texts of Muslim solidarity. In reality, they don’t mean a word of it. There is no solidarity in their agenda. Their only objective is to pocket US support for their regime.

The murder of Hama was systematically removed from Arab memory. It is no different from the killing fields at Sabra, Shatilla, Jenin, Bosnia and Kashmir. Arabs rulers participated in the killing with their silence. The blood of Hama will not dry until its dead are honored.

Arabs sent ‘observers’ to Syria. For God’s sake, is there any more to ‘observe’ in Syria? The failure of the Arab mission was ensured from its very conception. It was a camouflage to foll common Arabs who are fed with state sanitized lies. There is no possibility for any Arab state to intervene militarily either. They don’t have a military. They have soldiers who are trained to protect the royal arses at best.

“wa idha al-maw’udatu su’ilat, bi ayyi thanbin qutilat” [“When the female infant is asked for what sin she was murdered”). The infant meant by analogy in this case is Hama, which was buried alive.


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