On 33rd Anniversary of Irani Islamic Revolution

To get rid of the corrupt and debauched Shah was fantastic. Twisting the US Embassy Hostage crisis to end relations with the US was hailed as a victory by most radicals. Resisting the wrath of Sunni Arabs and Baathist Saddam was another magnificent show of perseverence. By arming Hezbullah to fight proxy wars with Israel raised its prestige in the region amongst Palestinians and sympathisers. However, the impression one gets while looking at Iran today is an embarassing, apologetic and a lifeless face of an opportunist.

Imam Khomeini ruled from 1979 to 1989 with much of the revolutionary zeal that he had promised. He pushed through important government reforms, which saw the creation of powerful offices to check corruption, nepotism and moral behaviour of politicians and leaders, including the Ayatollahs. He came up with some original concepts in government and administration.

Shah had been the symbol of corruption, nepotism and debauchery. Khomeini was just the opposite. None of Khomeini’s sons took executive positions in government. Ahmad, younger son, an original member of the Revolutionary Council, is said to have been mysteriously murdered for openly criticising powerful men, after Khomeini’s death.

Media and Iran centered blogs are currently filled with reports of corruption at the highest levels. Shah’s royal thieves were called shahzadeh and now clerics sons and relatives are called aghazadeh. That is all the difference that remains. Ahmedinejad tries to paint a picture of a strong and invincible Iran relying on its military might. Truth is that Iran under the corrupt and ridiculous Shah was one of two most feared military forces in the region. Other one being Israel. Iran always had a military industry worth counting. The Ayatollahs did not reinvent the military. Most of the hardware used in war against Iraq was from Shah’s purchases. 

It was the US puppet Shah, not the Russian radical Ahmedinejad, who started the Iranian nuclear program, with France as a state partner. Some analysts suggest that Iran in 1979, at the time of the Revolution, had one of the top 10 defence budgets in the world. The myth of re-strengthening Iran related to the rise of clergy and radicals, is doubtful.

Iran’s greatest failure is not in its diplomacy, economy, defence or social harmony. Its in Iran’s betrayal of Muslims.

Syrian blood is now on Ayatollah Khamenei’s, Larijanis and Ahmedinejad’s hands. Iranian leadership on the one hand claims to be the revivers of Islam. On the other hand, they give license to Assad to butcher innocent Muslims. The Assad regime that Ayatollahs support and equip with arms are Baathists (Arab Socialists) who deny the existence of God and His Prophets (AS). Ayatollahs are sacrificing Muslims to protect Baathists who are open deniers of God and His Prophet! How did Islam disappear from the Islamic Revolution?

Assad’s father Hafez killed Hama, Assad massacred Homs, while the Ayatollahs continue to support these blood thirsty criminals. Shame on the Iranian leadership. We read in the Holy Quran, “Bi Ayyi Dhanbin Qutilat”, for what reason was she killed? Those who are silently and openly supporting the massacre in Syria are equally responsible in the genocide with Assad. Those who eagerly protect murderers must be ready to receive their rewards in full. Happy Anniversary.



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