Murder of Sagor and Runi Demands Justice

I am Sagor’s brother,

Runi is my sister,

Megh is my nephew,

Are you any different?


The faces of Sagor and Runi is the face of every average, middle class, educated, decent, bengali couple with a small child and a big dream. They were an ordinary family just like you and me. The savage murder of this couple in the presence of their 5 year old son Megh must shake all of our self conscience. Are we thinking, this will not happen to us.


No! This has already happened to all of us. Who is Sagor? Is he not one of us, is he not one of our sons, brothers, nephews? Who is Runi? Who is Megh? Is Megh not one of our sons? There’s no reason to think that this crime did not touch us. Sagor and Runi’s murder was our very own murder.


Our society has lost all its moral values. Sons, fathers, mothers, daughters, neighbours or colleagues DO NOT trust each other anymore. This society is starving from lack of belief, faith, confidence, honesty, sincerity and all other moral and ethical value systems. Our fears have turned us into sacrificial lambs. We are watching the slaughter of our own family members until we are the next victim.


How many more locks should I put on my door? How will my children come home safely from school? Has demanding justice become a crime in this country? We are fed up of criminals, corruptions, injustices and deaths. We want Truth and Justice for Sagor and Runi, and indeed for every single Sagor and Runi in this country.


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