People, Police and Society

A flagged car hit another care in the back while trying to make a wrong turn. Police comes and slaps the not-guilty diver. Owner of the damaged car gets out and requests for action against the flagged car’s owner for breaking the law. Police officer is outraged. Slaps the victim driver again. The flagged car receives a sharp salute from the police officer as it speeds away leaving the victim to deal with the police.

Law Enforcers are protecting law breakers instead of protecting the law abiding public. All the MPs get armed police as their personal body guards. What crimes have MPs committed to deserve this state protection, wonders their voters. Why do judges in lower courts need protection? Did they give unjust decisions to weak man to save a rich man?

Police force exists for ensuring the safety and security of the people. But in this country they are protecting dishonest government officers and corrupt politicians. In a country where police officers take Tk20 bribe from tea vendors it would be normal for politicians to seek a cut in billion dollar deals.

Neither politicians nor police officers care for those whom they swore to protect. It is our tax money which pays for their salaries. It is us who are victimized by both criminlas and law enforcers. It is always us, the hard working honest educated class who has to pay the bills, pay the taxes, and pay for the crimes of corrupt officers. Nobody in this evil system cares for us. They dont care what inflation will cause so as long as they dont feel it. They dont care about our needs for good quality education, as long as their children can study in expensive private schools. They dont care what happens to our future as long as they can secure a safe and comfortable one for themselves.

Our society is not structured to promote our interests. Laws, policies, regulations are all targetted to preserve the hegemony of the elite class. Businesses assume priority over human lives, rivers, natural environments and farm lands. We are depleting our resources to feed the hunger of profiteers, and yet there is no action from us. Its not that we dont a better society. Everyone wants a better life, but nobody has any hope in the ‘system’ which can provide good governance and rule of law. People feel helpless as if there is no way out of this bottle.


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