We Stand United for Sagor and Runi

We have our differences on just about everything but we are coming together like different parts of a body wants to come together. The massacre of our loved ones in Peelkhana could not truly unite us all in the same way as the murder of Sagor and Runi did. TV footage moved hearts of stone in every family in Bangladesh. Parents looked over their sleeping children thinking about the trauma that must be going through Megh’s mind. There is not a single family who is not disgusted by what happened in Dhaka last week.

There is a silent revolution running deep inside our minds and souls. People are watching, crying, suffocating, questioning, thinking about themselves, their society, their children, their lives, and the lives of those who are going to suffer at the hands of yet another unknown murderer waiting to strike today, tomorrow or next week. A dark gloom is hanging over our heads as we stand guilty of being incompetent to protect our society from murderers.

A mother may loose her only child to a careless truck driver who will run over the little kid, bribe the traffic and change his driver’s license. There will be ugly pictures in the media of a kid’s smashed skull but there will not be any effort to fix the problem of corruption. Murders, thefts, corruptions and every other vice gets away under our nose. We stand and watch hoping for a miracle from the sky to hit us with a Messiah or an Angel. Rubbish!! We are the people who allowed humans to take the shape of gods so much so that we fear humans more than our God.

The son of a wealthy magnate was able to shift the accusation of murder to another person by bribing none other than the Home Minister. Murderers who were otherwise convicted and sent to jail received presidential pardon, thanks to their political leanings and connections. An MP can magically transform himself from a murder suspect to a murder witness because of his power. Police can do as they please to the illiterate class of taxi drivers, who are thought to be less than citizens. Rickshaw pullers are held at par with dogs and cats. Traffic police would not beat a dog on the road like he beats a poor rickshaw puller.

Who pays for these corrupt officers’ salaries, perks and benefits? We do, the tax payers. Who makes profits for the industrialists profits and luxury cars? We do, whenever we consume their products we make profit for them. Who pays for the courts, buildings and administration facilities? We do, through our taxes, VAT and excise duties. Who gets whipped in the arse? We do. For being bloody docile, incompetent, cowardly, silent, stupid fools, for being compliant law abiding citizens.

We allowed these criminals to steal from us, to slaughter our brothers and sisters, to murder our children. We allowed them to distort the truth about the murder of Sagor and Runi. Its not unusual to find law enforcers implicate some one else for another’s crime. Today, newspapers reported alarming findings during investigation. At the crime scene everyone had agreed that it was impossible for anyone to enter the house through a small opening in the kitchen window grills. They changed that stand after five days. There was another report hinting at extra-marital affairs. Yet another report suggested that a powerful group was behind the killings and they are well placed to divert the real story from media.

People are uniting silently like never before. We ahve had enough of injustices from criminals as well as law enforcers. We are the silent majority. We are 100% honest, paying all our taxes, obeying the law, educating ourselves and our children. We strive for a better society, better environment and healthcare. We are world citizens, not racists and fascists like bloody politicians. We are looking ahead into the future. We are not stuck in the past. We want to build a brighter future for our children. We want a society where people live in safety and security. We want to stand united for Sagor and Runi and Megh. We want to tell those corrupt politicians and officers “GO TO HELL”, this is our country and we will not put up with their crimes.


4 thoughts on “We Stand United for Sagor and Runi

  1. Let us stand up as a nation.
    Sagor Runi murder has traumatised every decent Bangladeshi. I live in Australia and havenot been able to sleep well since 11 Feb. I want the murderers found and punished. We want the murderers found and punished. Of all the probabilities, the most possible one is that these brilliant journalists found out about corruption by some powerful people. Probably in the energy related sector as Sagor was interested in energy resources. These faceless people value their corrupt money more then the lives of two brilliant and beautiful human beings.
    What has happened to us? They killed 70 of our bright military officers. Now Sagor Runi, tomorrow it will be you, me or another of our fellow brother or sister. What are we doing? Why are we silent?
    Thanks to the journalists for being united. If we all are together, we will defeat the criminals.

    • Absolutely right. as a society we are loosing our moral, humanistic and ethical values. Our spiritual values have also been depleting. Corruption of values crept into our national DNA and now we are faced with a society of materialists.

  2. As a concerned expat, I am disgusted by the way the murder investigation is being run by this government. We do not know who and why they were murdered, but this has shaken us to the core. A dark shadow has descended upon the country and its psyche. What transpired someone to plan and to execute such a grisly act, and how psychopathic can a government and its elected officials be as demonstrated by even the PM of the country? I thought the nation has eventually left the culture of assassination, murder, bombing, terrorism of 2001-2006, which now has returned in a gusto. This can not go unpunished nor can this be given a pass.

    • Business syndicates have created a network with political groups. Together they manage to lay their hands on public wealth. Journalists who attempt to expose them do so risking their lives. In a country where law is twisted by the enforcers to protect the criminals and harass victims peoples’ trust on the system to deliver justice evaporates quickly. We have a legacy of unsolved journalists’ murders who dared to expose the truth behind commercial-political complex of the country. The commentator has correctly grasped the emotions of majority people in BDesh. We all hoped that after the lessons of 1/11 politicians will change their old ways. But we see them coming back with those old ways. Even as i write this piece I dont feel secure. But there is a limit to everything. Today we are “fed up” with our current governance. We didnt elect a government to wash their hands off from doing those things that matter most to us. Instead we see that they are doing those things that matter to them the most. Is this our fate which we must submit to? Or is there anything we can do about ourselves?

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