Leave Afghanistan

What were they thinking when they burned the Holy Quran pages, they could insult Islam and Muslims and still get away with it. They probably could if the Muslim world was filled with Hamid Karzais and Parvez Musharrafs. But Afghans and general Muslims are not like that. We revere the Holy Quran and we hold it in our hearts with great respect. Damaging the Quran is against our very nature as Muslims.

Afghans took the Quran burning issue as a threat to their faith.  Afghans are happy being nomadic, living in huts and equipped with rocket launchers to resist any superpower on earth.

Quran is not like any other spiritual texts. Muslims do not see the Quran in the same way as christians see the Bible. The Holy Quran is the lietral word of God, not an inspired meaning from God to man. Words of the Quran were revealed to the holy Prophet Muhammad swm by archangel Jibreel (AS) or Gabriel. Reading the Quran is reciting the miraculous verses of God revealed in God’s language to a human prophet and finally coming down to us.

NATO soldiers urinated on dead bodies of poor Afghans. Nobody took to the streets for it. But when news of the Quran burning spread it was all hell let loose. Protests turned to rage against NATO. 4 people died in clashes in Kabul and Bagram. Today, nine people were killed in a bomb explosion in a military air base.

President Obama appologized for the incidence, along with military commanders. But Afghans are not the kind to take insult to their religion without supreme sacrifice. 

NATO and the US have already lost the war in Afghanistan. Their mighty army could not force the people to like western culture. NATO will be wise to get out of Afghanistan sooner rather than later.

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