Sagor and Runi murder investigation delay

Home Minister Sahara Kahtun might think she is Alice in Wonderland, playing mind games with time and space in a tea party with Mr Rabbit. This however is real life Minister. We demand you to do your job, and while you are at it, please do it with speed and accuracy. That is why we elected you, we want you to run our state departments efficiently. We dont want a tall order of excuses for not doing your job.

When you said 48 hours we understood the earthly time of 48 hours (two days). That deadline passed away nearly 48 days ago. Where are the criminals who killed journalist couples Sagor and Runi? Why are we being told that it is a very difficult case only days after we were told that it was a very easy case and authorities were very close to its end.

While we ordinary people want to believe that our government will do its best to do justice there is another voice of frustration speaking up. Victims’ parents were on satellite TV. They wore a mood of surrender. As if to say, we have given up all hope and we are at the mercy of God.

When asked, Runi’s mother summarized her remarks capturing the sentiment suspiciously residing in millions of Bengali hearts. “I dont think we will get justice for the murders. They will get away with it. There is no justice in this country. We seek the mercy and justice of God Almighty”.

We still hope that the double murders will be resolved. The prime minister has herself undertaken to supervise the investigation. It cant get any better support than this. We hope the administration will use its lethal RAB, DB, CID and all forensic science experts in collision to get to the heart of this.


One thought on “Sagor and Runi murder investigation delay

  1. Our Home Minister is in wonderland having tea with Mr. Rabbit, meanwhile all sorts of RATs are playing around at home. thats reality today.

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