The Last of the Ottomans

We went to Istanbul in November 2011 for a holiday. What a magnificent city! It was an open museum. We saw the brilliance of Islamic culture and civilization in the Sultans’ Camis, the Top Kapi Palace and Sultan Eyup Cami, amongst 2500 historic grand Camis built by the Sultans. We mixed with the people of Istanbul like family members. They loved us and we loved them. We felt a strong connection between us, and that was because the Ottoman Sultans left behind an Islamic culture and civilization that stands as a shinig role model for all the muslims.

Istanbul is the living memory of not only Ottoman Caliphate but for all the Muslims from all over the world. It is our pride and our place in history. As muslims we are one fraternity, and that makes Ottomans a part of history for every Muslim. I could stand in front of Sultan Ahmet Cami with my children and say “we built this” and feel the aura of dignity in our culture. It is extremely difficult not to be in awe of the Ottoman capital of Istanbul.

The treatment of the family members of the Ottomans is a disgarce for every muslim who knows anything about his history. Sultan Abdul Hamid II is a reverd hero for all modern muslims. He refused to surrender Jerusalem to Jewish bankers in return for waiver of huge Turkish debt. Today, we see the exact oppiste from so called nationalists and socialist dictators of the Arab world. Its dreadful to read how this sultan’s children were humiliated by the Kemalists. We have no where to hide our shame reading about his grand daughter ask for 100 liras to pay for her son’s medical treatment, or loose him forever! Oh God, what we will say to our children! How did we bring the family of the Viceregent of God (Khalifah, Caliph, Sultan) to this level? May God forgive us for what we have done to them.

Please let me extend my condolences to all the Muslim people all over the world for this unhappy and dishonorable stage of one of Islamic history’s most honored families. Let me add, Muslims’ current humiliation has something to do with the tearful abolishment of our Ottoman Sultanate in 1924. 

Please click on the link below to read one of the saddest endings of one of the mightiest families on earth.

The Last of the Ottomans.


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