Titanic Suranjit Hits Corruption Iceberg

Suranjit finally admitted his failure in the national scandal that rocked the boat for AL. His resignation was long overdue as he engraved his name in gold letters amongst the honor list of “corrupted-and-disgraced” political leaders of our time. On Titanic’s anniversary we should be asking ourselves one question. Was Sunranjit the tip of the iceberg? How many more Suranjits exist in different ministeries. Just because he got caught does not mean others are innocent. How will we know the true extent of their corruption?  Taka 7 million a night, per night, per month, per year, where does it stop? is there anyone left in this country who will do his work honestly?

Indeed, the iceberg below is a massive rock with the potential to sink any boat that crashes into it. Boats will keep sinking as long as we choose to remain blind about our reality. The reality is that we got a bunch of greedy, corrupt, unethical, immoral, dishonest, incompetent people holding the highest offices of the state. Their roles as criminals are hidden behind blankets of western degrees and deceptive pedigrees. They are just plain old thieves. How long is it going to take us to realize this?

Suranjit resigns taking blame | Bangladesh | bdnews24.com.


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