Arab Spring for an Israeli Islamist winter

Arab Muslims cant fumble on this simple logic anymore. Israel does not want to risk a truly representative democratic Arab state with humanitarian or Islamic ideals in the Arab world. Israel prefers to have neighbours similar to Mubarak’s Egypt, Basher’s Syria, salafist Saudis, weakiling Jordan and liberalist Lebanon.

One must not be fooled by the Arab dictators’ theatrics as they blast the “jews” promising to “free” palestine and to pray at al-Aqsa mosque very soon. These are like drugs for the poor bloody Arabs and muslims, who love to hear a clown beat the hell out of zionist Israelis in public, especially if in international media. Behind the drama we would see a debauched drunk willing to sell his mother to feed his goat.

To have a democratic state represented by muslim majority population can mean only one thing for Israel, hostility. What good would democracy in the Arab world achieve, if it only legitimately brought hatred to the jewish doorstep? That is not the intention of uplifting Arabs from its current status. What then is the real goal of Middle East policy?

Israel’s first goal should be to keep her safe from an Arab attack to liberate Palestine from its occupation. At any cost, Israel cant loose to Arab muslims, especially not to an Islamist regime. That is not why the western countries established Israel. Secondly, Arabs must be taught to live with a sense of defeat. They cant be allowed to remember their past when they ruled the world, as a power amongst powers. Arabs must believe they are weak, incapable and unprepared to fight against Israel. Arabs must also believe that without America their kingdoms will sink fast in a quicksand.

Before the Arab Spring Israel had perfectly laid out its strategy following the peace treaty with Sadat. It is only now that Israel feels threatened by changes in the region. After Egypt, Israel cant afford to see another transition towards a populist regime in Syria. Israel must now be looking at funding Mubarak loyalists with all their economic might. While in Syria they better be helping Assad keep his grip on power. For the zionists Arab Spring is no spring at all, its a real threat to the occupation of Arab land.


The Right-Wing Israeli Case That the Arab Spring Is Good for Israel – The Atlantic.

Real Battle for Egypt and the Arab World

The stage is set for a finale between Mubarak loyalists and the Brotherhood. At least thats how westerm nedia wants the world to view the upcoming final presidential elections in Egypt. Behind the smoke screen one gets to see another battle, the real one, which could change the course of Arab history, once again.

The ruler of Egypt is in effect the uncrowned sultan of the Arab world. Its not only because of Egypt’s wealth, population, army or intellectual prowess. The world can remember from history why Egyptian leadership is crucial to Arabs’ political position on the world stage. Lets remind us, again.

Egypt is the only Arab-Muslim country who signed a peace treaty with Israel. It is also the only Arab country which defeated Israel in the Ramadan war (Yum Kippur war). The only Arab country which can practically enforce Palestinian demands on world stage against Israel’s intentions, thanks to its intellectual and diplomatic clout as the leading Arab state.

Egyptian society is by far the most academically advanced, socially sophisticated and open in comparison to other reclusive, close minded and backward Arab states. Its writers, politicians and thinkers, past and present, gave strength to global movement of thoughts and ideas which shaped generations. The literary society of Egypt is also the most respected in and out of the country.

Its military superior to the combined strength of all the Gulf Arab states. Its armed forces prepare for defensive and offensive hostilities against its old arch rival, Israel, something which other Arab states dare not dream about.

The strategic importance of Egypt is by far the most important piece in Egypt’s political supremacy over all other Arabs. Saddam’s Iraq had soldiers but lacked the brains to match his physical strength. Egypt has both. Israel and her allies know it only too well. It must therefore be Israel’s top priority to make sure that a Tel Aviv friendly regime sits in Cairo.

The presidential race in Egypt has two opponents, and its not  Morsi and Shafik. The candidates are Egyptians on one hand versus US-Israeli supported groups on the other. The soul searching for the real candidates depends on Egyptians’ readiness to embrace their destiny as the champions of justice in that region, if not the entire muslim world.

Commentary: A Worst-Case Scenario in Egypt? | The National Interest.

Iraq in an imperial drama for oil

I almost forgot about Iraq. A country that was devastated by the US Army for possessing weapons of mass destruction that never existed. But things seem to be under (American) control now. Iraq did not become a shii republic like Iran. It remains “friendly” to the US as well as committed to a secular democratic path.

While the rest of the world is focused on Egypt and Syria, Iraq has marched forth into another divide and rule platform. Most recently Iraqi Kurdistan announced plans to build oil pipelines with Turkey and Baku. The news made heads swing, as Kurdistan did not bother to take the Baghdad route. Something very unusual. Not unless Kurdistan is now a semi independent state. East Timor and South Sudan are the first flashes in my mind when I think about Kurdistan.

The case in Iraqi unity as a nation state may have already met its model from the Hindustan partition of 1947, which split United Hindustan into India and Pakistan on communal grounds. Time and again this time tested political model of divide-and-rule has emerged as the best answer to problems arising from vacuums created by imperialists.

Already Iraqi Kurdistan is being referred to as Pipelinistan by many respecting its position as the world’s paradise for energy resources, having billions of barrels of oil and trillions of gas. While Egyptian Arabs battle for ballots Kurds are being courted for their barrels, worth billion of dollars.

The new Iraq (oil) war – Opinion – Al Jazeera English.

Political bubble going bust

People are held hostage by a process which promises them misery after misery. Change everybody wants but nobody is willing to come forward to work for it. Its not because people are stupid cowards but its because they dont want to earn humiliation by stepping into politics.

The 99% silent majority is at a complete loss. They can neither resist the champions of corruption politically, nor can they engage in “short-cuts” for fear of the unknown devil. What should they do?

Masud Khan Shujon explains the current situation more eloquently in an OpEd in New Age. Link below.

New Age | Newspaper.

New Islamic State the size of France

Islamic group Ansar Dine and Tuareg rebels (MNLA) merged to take over north Mali to establish a new Islamic state. Ansar Dine will establish an Islamic state where shariah will be implemented. The Tuareg rebels were former private soldiers of Libyan strongman Ghaddafi. The size of the yet to be established Islamic state is the size of France. Change in Mali is in effect a return to its state before the dark days of colonialism.

The fear of Islamic shariah is centering around Ansar Dine, which was until now pretty much unknown. Western media portrays shariah law as backward and barbaric, which puts fear instead of praise for the respect of law and order. That may be an outburst of prejudice, for which media can be forgiven. But for the rebel fighters they feel the world must know that shariah state and extremism are not exactly the same.

To a western reader, laws are not a problem as much as the state which carries those laws. Shariah law exists in Saudi Arabia without much western condemnation. Ansar Dine worries that the west might use the implementation of shariah in a new Islamic state as an excuse to attack and colonize it, on the pretense that islamic law in an islamic state is a threat to other nations. Somalia was united by the Islamist group Al Shebab only to be forced out by US backed Ethiopean forces. It acts as a reminder to other dreamers of Islaic states.

MNLA rescued the brand image stating that “the international community has to know that this will not be an extremist state. It is an Islamic state and the MNLA stated clearly at the beginning of the negotiations that Sharia law will not be imposed in the way that Ansar Dine was pushing for in the beginning.”

The new islamic state could bring back law and order in a country which could end up being the new model for other countries.

Malian rebels and Islamic fighters merge – Africa – Al Jazeera English.