Dhaka enters new Great Game

Dhaka seemed to be under a spell of diplomatic rush in the past week. Japanese deputy prime minister, Indian finance minister and the American secretary of state Clinton visited Dhaka between 4th and 6th May. It may have been just a coincidence, or,  there could be another very good reason behind the visits.

Bangladesh has been in the news internationally. Firstly because it is seen as a least developing country with immense potentials holed inside the bottle of corruption. It lies next to India, a superpower state with a billion plus population. To the east is a newly identified center of global attention, Myanmar, which is slated to be the next destination point for international and regional investors. Bangladesh has recently won an international case against Myanmar regarding maritime dispute. Another dispute with India is pending with the international courts. Dhaka in effect has been in the center of a new rising global policy involving the superpowers of our times, India, China and ofcourse USA.

India has already established itself as the regional superpower while pakistan is heavily burdened by existential threats to its statehood, although pakistan carries supposedly superior arsenal of nuclear stocks. For the US, India, and Myanmar will form the next stage of power-block offering its geo strategic and economic might as bulwarks against a rising threat towards US global dominance from China. Thats assuming China will someday follow the Soviet style hostility towards the capitalist block with its own international currency, economic system and a powerful nuclear armed navy.

This is the begining of a Great Game in South Asia and Dhaka is right in the middle of it.

Asia Times Online :: Clinton draws Dhaka into the Great Game.


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