Gaddafi learned nothing from the Lion of Libya

Gone was the mad dog of the desert hunting the rebels “zenga zenga” (room to room, house to house). In his last days he made pretty sure that the world understood from where really he got his power to rule.

Gaddafi could rule Libya for 42 years because the european countries, namely Spain, supported his regime behind the scenes. They benefitted from him in ways more than one. He knew he could use Libyan oil like a drug dealer uses cocaine. Next to oil was his oil cash, which was his financial weapon. He used his deposits in Spanish and French banks to help them recover from economic crisis. In the end though, he lost hope in both oil and cash as the winds of change blew too hard against him.

Gaddafi could be safely recorded as the exact opposite of the true Libyan hero, the real lion of the desert, Omar Mukhtar Ash-shaheed. He was the man who organized Libyan revolutionaries into a guerilla force which fought against the colonial and fascist Italy. Mukhtar was betrayed by the so-called “scholars” from the religious establishment ( i dare not call them muslims) who handed him over to the Italians. Omar Mukhtar was hanged for fighting for the freedom of his country.

History, and more importantly Libyans, will look back at Omar Mukhtar as the lion who revived dignified existence.

Gaddafi clung to a fading reality – Libya on the Line – Al Jazeera English.


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