Quit Afghanistan – fast

Attacking Afghanistan after 9/11 was the biggest mistake by USA. Western dominance always had something to do with the third world’s perception of a just legal system in Europe and USA. It becomes clear when we see Asians and Arabs lining up at western capitals seeking political sylum to escape from brutal regimes back in their homelands. When one cant find justice in his country he looks towards the west hoping to be protected by a system that values human rights.

Attacking Afghanistan showed an ugly face of the west which betrayed its professed human values. It did not follow any of those concepts while it invaded a country which harbored an alleged criminal. Maybe, Osama and his men were responsible, and maybe Talibans supported his plans, and maybe the talibans and al-qaeda were getting ready to take over the world, and maybe and maybe and maybe. There is nothing to suggest any concrete evidence that can justify the invasion of a country in retaliation to its citizens’ actions. The 7/7 London bombers were British citizens, should’nt NATO then bomb London back to the stone ages for it?

Talibans, despite their shortcomings, made in my opinion a wise offer. They were ready to handover Bin Laden to either Pakistan, or to a third muslim country or in a worst case scenario to the The Hague. Why were these offers refused? Trying Bin Laden under the law was ruled out by USA which wants the world’s respect as the leading state founded on the principles of law and justice. Anyone could tell the Americans back in 2001 they were heading towards a massive human disaster.

British, Russians and now Americans have confirmed the theory that Afghans will never surrender to anyone.  Afghans dont run after the material world like the rest of consummerism driven societies. Their needs revolve around a concept called “honor”. Materialism for Afghans is an evil which is the main cause for man’s destruction in this world and in the hereafter. To show courage in battlefield is a time honored tradition which is passed on from generation to generation with immense pride and honor.

For Afghans, martyrdom is more valuable than anything else in this world. No amount of materials can dilute that belief because it is firmly rooted in his mind and this unique idea forms his civilization. An Afghan who can compromise on his principles will cease to be an Afghan and to loose his Afghan identity will mean the end of the world for him. It is quite similar to another civilization, the American civilization. When an American compromises his love for freedom and integrity he stops being an American.

The fight in Afghanistan is less about talibans and bin ladens but more about the right to protect ones’ civilization. America cant destroy the Afghan civilization with bombs, they got to understand this vital point. Neither can soft power work in a land where rulers live in caves. Thus, the only option left for America is to get the hell out of Afghanistan, as fast as possible.

Afghanistan’s Post-NATO Future.

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