Egypt in an Islamist transition

50 million eligible voters are going to the polls today, in the first democratic elections in Egypt. The race has really boiled down to 2 groups. Islamists, represented by Fotouh and Morsi, and secularists represented by Amr Mousa, both groups being on two extreme sides of the pole. One sees the resurgence of ideological Misr and another sees the continuation of secular Arab nationalism.

Amr Mousa will not change anything in Egypt, he is just a pawn in the military chessboard that tilts towards US-Israel lobby. Its only the Islamist parties which really matter where change is concerned.

Islamist victory in Egypt could be the defining moment for the the Arab region, for several reasons. The Arab world wants to see how Islamists actually govern a country. Islamists performance, if they win, will have huge impact on just about every other muslim state from Yemen to Morocco, and extending to Iraq, Iran and Pakistan. It could turn out to be the role model for many to follow, or to discard as failed exercise in democracy. 


The Muslim Brotherhood’s Presidential Dilemma – The Atlantic.


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