Transition of culture in Egypt

In the past 5 decades Egyptians lived under dictatorships, which taught them how to adjust to life without political rights, liberty and freedom.

No amount of reform can change what is in peoples’ mind. The fear of secret police, corrupt politicians and brutal militarist government is all that Egyptians remember of their past presidents. How should they think now? They really dont know. How could they, never did they get a chance to experiment.

Revolutionaries gave light of liberty from Tahrir for few brief months. That light is now in the hands of the military. The army can be suspected to interfere in the vote count to ensure their chosen candidates’ margin. It is nothing unusual in countries where democratic elections are used for buying endorsements from the USA. Its like using an honorary degree to get a university teaching job.

The culture of accountability, honesty and sincerity to provide good governance based on universal values is just not there in Egypt, yet. Elections alone wont solve their problems. It might create more chaos than in the Mubarak era. A culture of political rights with the freedom of political-space will need to grow in a healthy envinronment for all that to happen.

A possible agenda for transition in Egypt – Opinion – Al Jazeera English.


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