Israel’s favorite Arab is a mass murderer

 Assad, no matter who comes to monitor, will not stop killing until his enemies give up. Only one country in the world can benefit by keeping that butcher in power, Israel. Its existence largely depends on two pillars. One, it can draw on American firepower to defend against any attack from Arabs. Two, Assad and his generals being hungry for power play calmly into Israel’s hands. A traitor at the top is the best thing for Israel. Traitors will not cross the red line for a cause which does not ensure their continuity. Assad would never dare to attack Israel to retake Golan Heights. Its too risky for him, he would rather play the nationalistic card once in a while to get a few deals in his favour.

On the other hand, pro-Israeli media shows off Assad as the bad guy to the world. Assad is the face of Arab muslim dictator-cum-mass murderer which makes the existence of Israel in that region a necessity. To Israel it would be useless if an anti zionist party came to power democratically in Syria. Its better to have murderers like Assad as bosses of the Arab people than Islamists who believe in the rule of law, goes the theory.

UN confirms ‘massacre’ of children in Houla – Middle East – Al Jazeera English.


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