Arab Spring for an Israeli Islamist winter

Arab Muslims cant fumble on this simple logic anymore. Israel does not want to risk a truly representative democratic Arab state with humanitarian or Islamic ideals in the Arab world. Israel prefers to have neighbours similar to Mubarak’s Egypt, Basher’s Syria, salafist Saudis, weakiling Jordan and liberalist Lebanon.

One must not be fooled by the Arab dictators’ theatrics as they blast the “jews” promising to “free” palestine and to pray at al-Aqsa mosque very soon. These are like drugs for the poor bloody Arabs and muslims, who love to hear a clown beat the hell out of zionist Israelis in public, especially if in international media. Behind the drama we would see a debauched drunk willing to sell his mother to feed his goat.

To have a democratic state represented by muslim majority population can mean only one thing for Israel, hostility. What good would democracy in the Arab world achieve, if it only legitimately brought hatred to the jewish doorstep? That is not the intention of uplifting Arabs from its current status. What then is the real goal of Middle East policy?

Israel’s first goal should be to keep her safe from an Arab attack to liberate Palestine from its occupation. At any cost, Israel cant loose to Arab muslims, especially not to an Islamist regime. That is not why the western countries established Israel. Secondly, Arabs must be taught to live with a sense of defeat. They cant be allowed to remember their past when they ruled the world, as a power amongst powers. Arabs must believe they are weak, incapable and unprepared to fight against Israel. Arabs must also believe that without America their kingdoms will sink fast in a quicksand.

Before the Arab Spring Israel had perfectly laid out its strategy following the peace treaty with Sadat. It is only now that Israel feels threatened by changes in the region. After Egypt, Israel cant afford to see another transition towards a populist regime in Syria. Israel must now be looking at funding Mubarak loyalists with all their economic might. While in Syria they better be helping Assad keep his grip on power. For the zionists Arab Spring is no spring at all, its a real threat to the occupation of Arab land.


The Right-Wing Israeli Case That the Arab Spring Is Good for Israel – The Atlantic.

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