Iraq in an imperial drama for oil

I almost forgot about Iraq. A country that was devastated by the US Army for possessing weapons of mass destruction that never existed. But things seem to be under (American) control now. Iraq did not become a shii republic like Iran. It remains “friendly” to the US as well as committed to a secular democratic path.

While the rest of the world is focused on Egypt and Syria, Iraq has marched forth into another divide and rule platform. Most recently Iraqi Kurdistan announced plans to build oil pipelines with Turkey and Baku. The news made heads swing, as Kurdistan did not bother to take the Baghdad route. Something very unusual. Not unless Kurdistan is now a semi independent state. East Timor and South Sudan are the first flashes in my mind when I think about Kurdistan.

The case in Iraqi unity as a nation state may have already met its model from the Hindustan partition of 1947, which split United Hindustan into India and Pakistan on communal grounds. Time and again this time tested political model of divide-and-rule has emerged as the best answer to problems arising from vacuums created by imperialists.

Already Iraqi Kurdistan is being referred to as Pipelinistan by many respecting its position as the world’s paradise for energy resources, having billions of barrels of oil and trillions of gas. While Egyptian Arabs battle for ballots Kurds are being courted for their barrels, worth billion of dollars.

The new Iraq (oil) war – Opinion – Al Jazeera English.


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